Letters to the editor

Raining fish

On Nov. 23, I opened my paper to read on the front page, "Was it raining catfish?" The answer is, probably so since I am a living witness and had the experience of fish raining down on me.

It was during the early summer of 1959. I was home from college working with my dad, Mr. Charlie's Landscaping business. We were working on Lakeview Drive around the northeast side of Lake Jackson doing yard work. My dad was cutting hedges and I was mowing the huge front lawn that was probably 50 yards deep and 50 yards wide. The sun was shining brightly with scattered clouds overhead when suddenly a little wind came up and it started raining. The sun was still shining; therefore I didn't consider it to be a serious rainstorm.

Suddenly, something hit me on my head, other than raindrops. I looked down and saw this bluegill (bream) flopping on the ground, then another. Fish (bass, minnows and bream) were raining down all around me on that lawn that day. I ran to tell my dad who was still cutting hedges in the back yard near the edge of Lake Jackson (it was not raining in the backyard.) He came around to the front yard and saw the fish all over the yard.

Dad said a waterspout took the fish up into the clouds and during the small rainstorm they came down. That makes sense to me. It can rain down fish.

The Rev. Robert J. Walker


Veteran's co-pay

The Obama administration has sold out the Israel nation to the brotherhood of Muslims. Centuries ago, our supreme commandant's son was sold for 20 pieces of silver. The Veteran's Administration has also sold out my disability claim along with millions of disabled military claims. This has been going on for over 40 years - it's called co-pay. The disabled veteran whose claim has not been allowed or denied, if he wants to use a VA facility or hospital, he is charged a co-pay. As many operations can cost many thousands of dollars, he could be and has been bankrupted. These are VA hospitals and VA facilities that have cost the American taxpayers trillions of dollars. Yet, millions of disabled veterans have to pay co-pays.

My Social Security is being stolen as I write this article. Subvention Bill HR 814 will correct this theft of disabled veterans. Please call your senators and Congressmen to correct this theft.

The youth of this nation have also been sold out to the insurance companies. It is called Obamacare. In this merry-go-round of death and taxes, "he" is watching. "He" is the wind beneath my wings.

Billie E. Jewett