Letters to the editor

Left-wing drivel

Contrary to the left-wing drivel put forth by Roger McAllister in his recent letter to the editor, conservatives do not fear change. Rather, they fear people like Roger McAllister and his ilk, who attack anyone who disagrees with them by spewing hateful and senseless diatribe.

They prefer this tactic rather than trying to defend everything Obama and his liberal cronies have done to dismantle the United States. They discovered long ago that a strong, in-your-face offense is much easier than playing defense. To wit, anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist. Anyone who wants to rein in the national debt hates poor people. Anyone who defends the Constitution is a terrorist. Anyone who wants to close the border hates hard-working people. Anyone who disagrees with Obamacare wants to deprive health care to all Americans. Anyone who believes in the Second Amendment supports violence in our schools. The list goes on, ad infinitum.

As for his dig at Fox News, if it weren't for Fox, we would never have known the truth about Benghazi, the NSA scandal, the IRS scandal and the gas stations the Obama administration is building in ghetto neighborhoods around the country dispensing free gas to residents.

Ronald D. Carmony


Ambulance service

Some years ago, it was decided, and rightly so, to establish a county government ambulance service to provide service needed for the people of Highlands County. As I recall, no private sector emergency service was available large enough to cover the entire county at that time. Now at this time, I believe there are two, if not three possible choices in business in Highlands County.

There is no reason to believe the private sector would not deliver service at least equal to the government sector and at a lower price. I also believe that the commissioners owe it to the citizens of Highlands County to look into this matter. Whatever manner they choose, if any, it should be exceptionally transparent to ensure fairness to all. If the citizens don't want private sector ambulance service, so be it.

Mr. Craven, the EMS director, gave his brief presentation. Couldn't the commissioners see if a private concern would also want to make a presentation? My interest is smaller government and hopefully lower taxes.

Dick Noel