Letters to the editor

Stolen tree

I am writing concerning the theft of a Christmas tree Saturday, Nov. 30 from in front of our church. It was in front of the First United Methodist Church in Avon Park, across the street on the east side of Lake Avenue, beside the brick marquee.

The thief had to cut the cables supporting the tree from wind gusts (or from conveniently "walking away.") The tree had been placed there early that morning. It was not just another Christmas tree. It had great sentimental value. A mother braved the chilly, damp mist standing on an injured leg to decorate that tree in her son's memory as she has done for several years. She does this to honor her son and to share the beauty of Christmas with our community, sharing God's love that shines and brings peace and joy even in our dark times.

The irony is, had this person come to this lady and expressed a need, she would have bought him a tree. That's the kind of person she is. As Christians, we all want to reach out to help others who are in need.

I am disappointed this happened in my hometown. I am disappointed that a few people doing hurtful things can dampen the joy for many. If you know who took this tree, please ask them to bring it back. We'll buy him another one.

Martha Ann M. Pendrak

Avon Park

Fear of change

In Friday's letters to the editor was one titled "Conservatives fear change" by Roger McAllister of Sebring. His first statement is that conservatives are fearful of change and a bit confused.

Mr. McAllister, if any conservatives are fearful of change, it would be fear that things are getting worse, not better. Change that benefits all is good change; however, the change that we see is the rapid drift into a Marxist state where the government controls everything, free enterprise is discouraged by vast government agencies that spend our money but do not create jobs, encourage free enterprise and rob our savings by deliberate inflation.

Let me explain inflation, sir. Inflation is when the government prints money without increasing the supply of goods. The result is higher prices for those goods. Another result is that those who have saved and invested their savings to provide for the retirement years find their savings decreasing in value. In short, these policies steal from those who have worked and earned, and give to those who have not.

I could go on with the rest of your letter, but this should suffice for now.

Bill French


Climate change

The op-ed piece reprinted from the Daytona Beach News-Journal hit the nail on the head with respect to so-called climate change, but it didn't go far enough. Global warming alarmists like Al Gore and his ilk conveniently choose to ignore substantial scientific evidence which vehemently refutes such bunk. Renowned meteorologists have categorically stated for years that climate is cyclical and that man's direct impact on it is "like throwing a thimble of water in a bath tub." Essentially no impact at all, except to line the pockets of all the Chicken Littles running around the country yelling "the sky is falling."

Ron Carmony