Letters to the editor

Phony sources

Mr. Carmony wrote that he disagreed with my negative view of conservative talking heads and their messages. He said that if it wasn't for Fox News, he wouldn't hear news like "the gas stations the Obama administration is building in ghetto neighborhoods around the county dispensing free gas to residents."

A little research showed that even by Fox News standards, this "news" is totally false. It came from a satirical article written Oct. 20 by the Daily Currant, an online satirical newspaper. It was a spoof on Obamacare. This reminds me of the death panels "news" Fox News was spewing out awhile back.

Mr. Carmony can watch and believe anything he wants but I think I will still pass on watching Fox News.

Roger McAllister


Need conservatives

On Dec. 6, you ran an article, "Conservatives fear change," which was full of erroneous and unsubstantiated claims. It stated that the message of conservatives is "fear the government, hate the president, Dems are evil, poor people are lazy, minorities are dishonest and compassion is a dirty word." It falsely said that conservatives want to end Social Security, Medicare, employer pensions, healthcare reform, etc. I'm surprised that it did not blame us for AIDS, polio, measles, terrorism, wars, the drug problem, illegal immigration and all of the other evils in the world.

We conservatives are justifiably concerned that liberal Democrats and Obama regularly ignore the Constitution, which was designed to protect the freedoms we enjoy. They have doubled the national debt with no intention or means of paying it off, which has caused America's credit rating to be downgraded and has put the dollar's status as international reserve currency in jeopardy, a move which would overnight make the dollar nearly worthless and eradicate the savings of every American. They believe in welfare without personal responsibility. They have no solid position on anything, so they attack and slander those who oppose them. The Democrat-controlled Senate defies the Constitution and refuses to pass a budget because conservatives want a balanced budget and spending restraints.

Conservatives do fear the kind of change Democrats propose, because it is destroying the America our forefathers gave us, and which our brave veterans fought and died to preserve. Conservatives welcome change which is legal, constitutional, logical, benefits everyone equally and preserves the fabric of this once great nation, which is now disrespected around the world because of liberal policies and irresponsible spending by Obama and the Democrats.

Even though I was once a Democrat and am now a conservative Republican, unlike most Democrats, I will never put party affiliation ahead of what is best for America. I believe that if we could get rid of the liberals in Congress (about 85 percent of the Democrats and about 60 percent of the Republicans) we would be taking a huge step toward righting this sinking ship we once called the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave."

The Rev. Fredric E. Jeans

Avon Park