Letters to the editor

Unemployment benefits

I would like to comment on the effort (or non-effort) to extend unemployment benefits. I know many people who have been laid off and how difficult it can be to find work. Those in the government who decide these things speak of economic impact - nothing about the people who have worked hard all of their lives in order to survive. They can waste billions of dollars making research of useless rocks that fly about in space, but they cannot help out their own people.

Donald A. Devine


Proper tipping

I like eating out. I have found a possible trend that is disturbing.

In Sebring, a waiter asked me if I wanted my change. The tab was a few cents over $14. I always tip $4 there. I did not feel like tipping him what was left of a $20 bill. I decided not to go there anymore.

Today, I went to a Placid Lakes restaurant and the lunch bill was a few cents over $7. I left a $4 tip and found the waiter at the till ready to take my money. I gave him a twenty and he asked, "Do you want your change?" I told him I had already tipped him $4, which was excessive for that bill, but he just smiled. I told him it was wrong to ask anyone for a tip.

I wonder if this is happening to others who might feel intimidated enough to let them keep the change? I am going to stay out of both restaurants.

Jean Stirrat

Lake Placid

Want action

As we approach this Christmas holiday, we will not have our precious son, grandson, brother, nephew or father to spend the holidays with. While the family members of a cold, hard killer open their gifts this Christmas, they better remember their family member took a special gift from us.

I am the auntie of a Dwayne Council Jr. I call him every Christmas to tell him happy birthday. This year changed due to ignorance of gun violence. Where is the coward now? Do the family a favor this Christmas and find the perpetrator who did this terrible act of crime. Don't set this aside like some other kind of black on black crime.

As a family, we will heal, but the healing won't start until who done this is caught and brought to justice. I'm tired of hearing rumors. We want action!

Gena Radabaugh

Phoenix, Arizona

Is it NSA?

So I was playing Scrabble on my computer several months ago and I drew the letter J.

Maybe I've been watching too much TV news, but the word "jihad" came to mind. And I played it. Big mistake!

Now my computer has never been the same. It keeps locking up and doing other such things that totally aggravate me. Every once in awhile, it responds with a "cannot complete this action due to a long running program in progress." What long running program?

I've had my computer tech out twice and he fixes the problem. But then it comes back again! Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I'm starting to think the NSA is after me. What do you think? Then again, I did write a letter against Obamacare. So maybe it's the IRS.

Charlie Lowrance