Letters to the editor

Retirement routine

After 25-30 years in the factory, store, shop or mill, I have finally made it to paradise, i.e. Florida. Now this gives me a whole bunch of entitlements that I have worked for. They are, to name one, sleep late, but of course, I still get up at 5 a.m. and put on my darkest clothes and walk the neighborhood terrifying the younger people that are going to work and can't see me in the dark (it's like driving through a minefield).

My next entitlement is that exactly at 8 a.m., I go to a fast-food restaurant and sit until 9:30 with the same group of people telling the same stories every day. Now the next scheduled event is noon (the time is important) when I again go to the same or different restaurant for lunch. The time is important because that is also the time when the working people come for lunch and they have only 45 minutes to eat.

Now most of the working people are 13th or 14th in line behind us retirees and by the time I decide whether or not I want the bacon burger or the chicken wrap, their 45-minute lunch break is down to 31 minutes, but don't forget we are entitled (plus we get our senior citizen discount.)

Moving on to the highlight of the day: early bird special. I rush out to yet another restaurant for the evening meal. I go early so that I can get back home and in my pajamas for early evening TV, and then off to bed because I have to get up at 5 a.m. and put on my dark clothes, etc. etc. etc. Ah, retirement. If the shoe fits, wear it. If not, I'm just putting you on.

Hal Graves


Defining liberalism

The Rev. Fredric E. Jeans (letter, Dec. 11) wants to "get rid of the liberals in Congress" in order to restore the United States to its former glory. However, the very establishment of the United States relied upon the ideals of classical liberalism. It certainly wasn't the same liberalism as today's liberalism. Also, that particular form of liberalism only allowed wealthy male property owners to vote. Therefore, the issue of liberalism is one containing multiple language issues. There are different types of liberalism and just the word "liberal" evokes different ideas and emotions for different individuals.

Furthermore, Jeans states that Obama and other liberal Democrats "ignore the Constitution." Whether or not Obama ignores the Constitution, he is not the only president who has ignored it or altered it for his benefit. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal and welfare plans were considered unconstitutional at the time of his presidency. Therefore, are the conservatives today anything like the conservatives of the past? Perhaps we must think about the words "Democrat," "conservative" and "liberal" and their linguistic and historical implications in order to develop a better understanding of them.

Paige Wildstein


Insurance squeeze

I agree totally with Mr. Kromholz of Sebring on his letter published Dec. 18. Almost all of the horror stories we see or read in the media are not the fault of the Affordable Health Care Act, but from actions taken by insurance companies trying to squeeze that last dime out of the public before the law takes effect and reins them in. If the conservatives had spent as much time and money trying to fix or amend the law as they did trying to repeal it, can you even imagine where we would be today? The state of Florida will not acknowledge the law yet and is going to put the burden on the taxpayers of this state rather than accept federal funds. What a shame.

Noah Stump

Lake Placid