Letters to the editor

Saving money

On the latest deal in Congress to keep the government solvent, they are cutting benefits to disabled veterans and their families. Don't lay it on the maimed and disabled veterans and their families. This is truly unconscionable.

I saw Senator Schumer on TV saying "everybody must take a cut." Then he whines, "We have not had a raise in three years." However, Congress exempts its members from everything they lay on the taxpayers. My opinion on this is: Congress should have their salaries cut by 50 percent because of the shape they have put the country in. Furthermore, their use of "perks" and lobbyist payoffs enhances their income. I have never seen a poor or destitute Congressman.

If Congress really wants to make cuts, start with the president, who is a real leech. Keep him off of Air Force One. Let him pay for these extravagant million dollar-plus family vacations and his children's vacations instead of sticking it to the taxpayers. Congress should also stop creating and funding stupid programs such as studying the sex life of bees, etc.

Dick Ford


Homeowners association closing

To members and friends of the HCHOA, this letter is to inform anyone that does not already know that we have dissolved the Highlands County Homeowners Association as of Dec. 12.

We would like to thank all who have attended and participated in our previous meetings. But, due to the diminishing membership and the lack of attendance by our existing members, it is not possible to remain viable. The corporation will be dissolved in accordance to our by-laws and the rulesof the State of Florida statues.

Thank you for helping us to serve you for the past years.

Gene Reese