Letters to the editor

Disrespecting Christmas

What misguided Florida state official from the Department of Management Services lacked the common sense to decide what was and what was not appropriate religious Christmas displays for the Capitol rotunda in Tallahassee? Anything beyond the accepted traditional Christian religions that the majority of Americans believe in just makes a mockery of and disrespects these religions and their beliefs.

Is it even reasonable to think that anyone seriously believes that these ridiculous displays are a free speech issue, because if a plate of spaghetti, a pole adorned with beer cans or the satanic temple display are legitimate religions, then this country is in more disrepair than Obamacare.

As Frank Costanza was fed up with the commercialization of Christmas as displayed in Seinfeld, so are many others today, but did his protest include religion or is that Chaz Stevens' and these other nincompoops' outlook? I am sure that these atheists, along with other nontraditional hypocrites whose sole effort is to make a mockery of Christmas and contrary to their personal belief, also take the time off from work with compensation that has been provided by their employer.

Jerry Wright

Avon Park

Not so neighborly

Maybe some of you can help me figure this one out. My son, an Army National Guardsman, owns a house in the Highlands Hammock subdivision, a nice little area that seemed friendly enough with decent houses and a mix of families and older folks.

Since the time he and his wife and small child have moved into their house, the neighbors have been doing their very best to find every little thing they do wrong and report it to the association. Instead of helping this very young couple out, the neighbors have done their very best to alienate them and make them feel unwelcome in their own home. Need I remind you that this young father every month goes away to do his duty protecting our rights as American citizens without complaint.

I would like to point out that these young folks do not have loud parties, do not leave junk all over the yard, do not make messes. They do not have 10 cats or five dogs.

At one point my daughter-in-law's sister was struggling and needed a place to stay, so they took her and her children in. Do you know what these benevolent neighbors did? Apparently they called the code enforcement office to try and get them in trouble, but they couldn't because there is not a law against having your family stay in your house with you.

I have seen the house, the kids, the adults and all of this numerous times and I can tell you point-blank that they are quiet and do not cause any problems at all, so I am asking all of you out there: What the heck is up with these neighbors? If someone could please explain this to me, I would very much appreciate it. Also, if you see yourself in this question I would ask you to really evaluate what your motivations are trying to bully a young soldier and his family. You all should be ashamed of yourself.

Deborah Steward

Lake Placid