Letters to the editor

Local Scrooges

Many have vied for the title of "The Scrooge of Highlands County," namely those people who have broken into cars or homes and have stolen Christmas gifts or snatch purses or who have cleaned out bank accounts via computer schemes.

However, I give you this ultimate "Scrooge of the Season": a neighbor deliberately and willfully killed another neighbor's harmless, loving pet. So beware as you go about this holiday season. If you are in the area of Sands' home, watch out for your children's safety.

Ramona Ann Holly


Money collection

On Dec. 23, I was heading eastbound on Interlake Boulevard in Lake Placid. I was almost rear-ended due to the fact that a Salvation Army bell ringer was standing in the middle of the road collecting money.

This street is a public roadway that taxpayers support. The town needs to band this as part of separation of church and state. I attend mass, everyone, so please don't think I am anti-church. The town should end this now or open up Interlake to anyone who wants to collect money.

Cliff McDonald

Lake Placid

Capitalism test

I wish teachers who believe in capitalism and those who do not would give a test and mark the correct grade on the test. Then cross out that grade and mark every grade a "C," explaining that this is favorable and "fair" for all. Then repeat with the next test and maybe the next test.

Finally when the "good" students slowly lower their actual grades and the bottom students quit placing any effort in working, clearly explain the meaning of "transformation of wealth" and "capitalism" to them.

Jim Vokes

Avon Park

Actions speak louder

Much has been made over the years about saying "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays." The Religious Right (and Fox News), ever the victim of religious prosecution, tell people that if they say "Happy Holidays" they are taking Christ out of Christmas and label these people atheists.

Simply saying "Merry Christmas" doesn't mean you are a Christian. Keeping Christ in Christmas should mean that you exhibit actions instead of speaking empty words.

Being a Christian means helping the poor, caring for the sick, the elderly, the prisoner, giving up material things and going out into the world to spread Christ's love. Most importantly, it means loving your neighbor as yourself.

Christ's message of love and action has been lost in the phony War on Christmas. Regardless of what one says as a greeting at Christmas time, actions speak louder than words.

Millie Grime