Letters to the editor

Fixing problems

From Highlands Today newspaper in the opinion section on Jan. 15, the writer published an article called, "We're too busy being outraged to fix anything these days."

In this article, the writer wants to emphasize that people nowadays are too busy being angry and mad about everything that no problems are being solved. In a certain point it is a true statement, but it is definitely blown out of proportion, which makes it not true.

Not everyone, not even most people are outraged when problems are trying to be solved. Although most people get angry and emotional about a situation, the time passes through that people may be able to calm down and fix problems. I've had relationships with friends that dealt with problems in different sorts of ways. Half of the ways are not outrageous. They are simple talking and misunderstandings.

The editorial already mentioned that everyone is different and a person should expect others to agree with them, which means that everyone deals with problems and issues in different ways. There are those people that are outrageous and try to win an argument by being loud, but there are those people that are calm and collective when it comes to arguing and trying to fix problems. So in way, not everyone becomes outrageous when arguing, fighting or things like that. We can say that at least half of the people that deal with issues are not outrageous.

Nestlee Bautista

Avon Park

Socialist state

Want to better yourself and your family? Better check with the IRS, state tax collectors, county tax collectors and, of course, city tax collectors in the form of licenses, permits, fees, etc. Why work? I'd get food stamps, never-ending unemployment freebies, etc. too, but wait, where will the money for all these government freebies come from? Oh yeah, the rich have been hoarding all the money and Obama has promised to make them cough it up. All this is a patently obvious attempt to establish a socialist state here. "Codswallop!" cry the liberal press; conservatives only want to help the rich. Oh? Seven out of 10 millionaires in the Senate are Democrats. Kerry and Gore are by far the richest two ever involved in U.S. government, more so than all the Kennedys combined.

Want more proof Obama wants everything you own? He has by executive order demanded the IRS immediately hire 16,000 new IRS enforcement agents, read; "Goons." They are not tasked to help the poor working citizens, you know, the only ones paying taxes. Nope, they are collectors and intimidators charged with squeezing the working stiff. The rich can afford lawyers to fight on their behalf, the poor common man (and woman) must bear the burden again. All would like equality in income and material possessions everywhere. Unfortunately stealing from some and giving it to others has never worked, ever. All would have to contribute equally if physically and mentally able in order to receive equally. Get it?

Stealing is taking without the owner's permission. In fact, the Constitution says the government cannot take from its citizens without just recompense. I am not being recompensed by bailouts, Obamacare, free services to illegal immigrants, etc. The reality less the rhetoric is our current administration is stealing by fiat, i.e. executive order.

Dust off the muskets and powder horns boys, don your tri-corners, fife and drums to the fore as we march as one to the common green (online, of course). Time to stand shoulder to shoulder and demand we return to this country's founding precepts. Paul Revere is now online and riding hard.

Charles Reynolds