Letters to the editor

Sad times

Sadly at times, reality thinking must supersede positive thinking. All great empires have risen, leveled and crashed. I hope we have not reached the point of no return. Following are three concerns.

One, government regulations have multiplied during the past three years to the point at which businesses must either fold or move to another country.

Two, our medical system is ready to plunge over the cliff. My gifted grandson, who for years had planned to be a physician, has chosen different profession. I remember when the cost at our local hospital went from $2 per day to $4 per day. Now, even nonprofit hospitals pay their presidents a million-and-a-half dollars per year. Recently, because the pharmacy was out of the pre-colonoscopy prescription which cost $95, the customer had to buy the same medication over the counter for $2. Yes, that is right; 45 times as much for the prescription. This is to say nothing about the $10 hospital single aspirin tablet.

Three, our mass public education system, which was once the envy of the world, is now falling rapidly in comparison to world markets.

Jim Rahenkamp

Avon Park

Leadership style

While watching episodes of "Mobsters" on TV, then switching over to the evening news, a chilling thought overcame me. What if the New Jersey governor beats the rap on Bridgegate and wins the White House in 2016? How will the political culture in Washington be affected? Will he drain the swamp? Eradicate Potomac fever? Maybe not, but listed below are some changes we can expect from the new president from the Garden State.

In his inaugural address, instead of laundry listing his program, he will boast how he "will take care of that thing for you" on every issue. He just won't name the issues. He will alter the Oath of Office by saying "I swear on the blood of my ancestors." The presidential veto will be replaced by a simple pronunciation of "forgetaboutit!" Bills will no longer be killed. Instead, they will get "whacked." The Secret Service will now be called "Button Men." Appointees will no longer be confirmed by the Senate. Now, they will be "made." Congress will stop voting "yea" or "nay." Henceforth, it will be badabing" or "badabang." Bipartisan gatherings of members will be labeled "sitdowns." Button Men will handle their security.

The Bill of Rights will be strictly enforced. Pleading the Fifth will mean simply responding "I don't know nothing about that thing" to any charges. Second Amendment rights will be expanded by dropping the prohibition against felons carrying firearms since most inhabitants of Washington are guilty of high crimes in the court of public opinion anyway. They will need all the protection they can get. Button Men will guarantee it. Finally, credit will be eliminated with all public deals done by hard currency transfers in suitcases only. Button Men will insure delivery.

What does this mean for the national debt? Forgetaboutit!

Ed Engler