Letters to the editor

True leadership

Please help me find that secret formula to get citizens involved in our local governments. I attended two very important "open to the public" meetings on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

First was the Highlands County Commissioners beginning at 9 a.m. An amazing experience listening to discussions, reading body language and observing how very few citizens were in attendance. The Highlands Today reported the commissioners' decision to return their pay raises, but the sincerity in each of their voices had to be experienced. This was not an "oh well" decision, it was heartfelt.

The second meeting was the City of Sebring Council meeting at 6 p.m. This meeting started on time and lasted exactly one hour; however, the number of decisions made was totally awesome. Very important votes affecting the arts, festivals, new city logo, aquatic spraying, turf equipment, etc. were made with knowledge and commitment. Each council member was prepared, focused and had done their "homework." Andrew Fells as chairman displayed leadership qualities that surely will be missed upon his departure from the council.

We, of Highlands County, need to count our blessings for the opportunity to live in a community where our decision-makers are knowledgeable, sincere and of high integrity.

MaryAnn Lewis


Agenda 21

I read in Highlands Today that the county commissioners were discussing the Highlands County Comprehensive Plan and that Mark Hill had received approval on amendments to the county's 2030 Comprehensive Plan which would keep planning at the county level.

Dale Phlug in the audience asked if this was not part of "Agenda 21." It appears that the commissioners are not aware of Agenda 21.

For their information, Agenda 21 is a UN program to attain "one world" government. This will be carried out under different names, one of which is "sustainable development." This program has many names: community visioning, historic preservation or orderly development. Almost every community in the country is today carrying out some of this Agenda 21 policy, unwittingly.

Mr. Phlug is right in bringing this up and my advice to the county commissioners is, if you have a computer, look up Agenda 21 and find out how your county will be taken away from you with your help.

Dick Ford


Mafia leadership

After reading Ed Engler's satirical and not-so-veiled attack on Gov. Chris Christie, it occurred to me that the country would actually be in better shape if the mafia were, indeed, in control. The damage done by the empty suit currently residing in the White House may never be overcome, no matter who replaces him or when. Crushing national debt, endless de facto executive orders, total disregard for Congress and SCOTUS, unworkable socialized medicine fiasco, relentless efforts to kill the Second Amendment, laughing stock of foreign governments including most of our allies, scandals too numerous to list here - all of these are Obama's legacy.

Yes, the mafia could do a better job of running the country and Governor Christie sure as heck would.

Ronald D. Carmony