Letters to the editor

Marriage meaning

On Feb. 24, Mr. Hutten wrote a good letter on positive words turned negative. I wanted to add a few comments.

In a legal marriage between a man and woman, our government and society gives approval to engage in sexual relations, establish a family between themselves and guide their children to adulthood. Members of the same sex are unable to produce birth and establish a family between themselves.

But marriages as described in the first meaning of the dictionary should contain the fourth meaning of marriage which simply is any close or intimate union. Marriages described in the fourth meaning of the dictionary are non-sexual and can exist between members of the same or opposite sexes. A good example of this is found in the old Laurel and Hardy films where the actors were close friends both on film and in their private lives.

LeRoy Esler


Save unions

In response to the Feb. 24 "Other Views" article, it's obvious times are changing, but is it for the better or for the worse?

Over the years, unions played a big role in helping the middle class receive decent wages, health insurance and pension plans, and allowed non-union workers to have a comparison of benefits. Some employers treated their workers with the same type of pay and benefits to keep their workforce satisfied and not feel the need for a union. But as unions weaken, what will keep big business from controlling middle wage workers' ability to keep up with the cost of living we see declining every day? Already there are fewer opportunities to have a job with good pay, good health care and a decent pension plan.

As a retired Union Building Trades member (sheet metal worker), I am very grateful to be able to enjoy such benefits and I hope the future workforce can do the same. I think there is still a need for unions. Let's not let them become obsolete and then wish we hadn't.

Mike Pace


Support Lewis

It is truly heartwarming to view seven candidates for three positions on the City of Sebring council. Having served on the council, I am most appreciative of the candidates and their desire to contribute to our beautiful city. This type of commitment is the prime ingredient of a successful government.

Each of the candidates is noteworthy and will do a commendable job; however, one candidate, MaryAnn Lewis, stands out as an intelligent, sincere, dedicated individual. I consider her a person of impeccable integrity and professionalism. As an educator, she will always do her "homework" before making a decision, plus she is very conscientious in evaluating all ramifications and issues.

Dr. MaryAnn Lewis states that she has plenty of TLC, e.g. Time, Listen and Commitment. I know this to be a fact. I plan to vote on March 11 and will certainly recommend to one and all: Vote for MaryAnn Lewis as one of your three choices!

Annette Daff