Letters to the editor

Ukraine issues

Controversy between Russia and the Ukraine over naval bases and the Black Sea fleet goes back to 1992 when the Crimea briefly declared, then rescinded, a claim of independence but secured acknowledgment that it was "an autonomous state within the Ukraine."

These disagreements between the involved states have been of an ongoing nature and the U.S. should not conclude that it is an opportunistic move by Russia based solely on Ukraine's current internal difficulties.

While it appears to be no longer true that politics stops at the water's edge, it ill serves the interests of the United States when Senator McCain and Speaker Boehner both attempt to undermine the ability of the president to deal with Putin concerning the current dustup in Ukraine over Russia's concerns in the Crimea and the Black Sea fleet.

Whether Putin holds Obama in high regard or not will not be the sole or even a significant factor in the developments in Ukraine, which are exceedingly complex. Krushev held a low opinion of President Kennedy only to change his position as the Cuban missile crisis played out.

Undercutting our president in a time of international crisis is clearly not in the best interest of the U.S. and our elected representatives in the Congress should save their constant criticism for less dangerous issues.

Consider: When Castro entered Havana and Batista fled, we reinforced our garrison at Guantanomo Bay and waited for developments.

Randy Ludacer

Lake Placid

Decorated veteran

I recently read in the newspaper that Martin E. Roepstorff has filed to run for the Sebring City Council. "Marty," as I call him, attended school in Sebring and graduated from Sebring High School many years ago. He recently retired as the director of Sebring Utilities, a position he held for many years.

Martin Roepstorff is a veteran of the Vietnam War. I consider Marty as one of the noblest heroes of that war, but he is humble like most combat heroes. He ranks up there with another brave Sebring man, Maj. Thomas B. McGuire, a P-38 pilot in World War II. Marty was fortunate as he survived 282 missions in southeast Asia during a 13-month period as a member of the Jolly Green Giant helicopter rescue crews. He helped save 18 lives.

I know Marty very well and lived next door to his father, Alfred, and his mother, Delores, for 17 years. I know his entire family who are wonderful people.

Marty was decorated for his achievements for his actions in southeast Asia many years ago.

I am not a Sebring resident, but rather a Highlands County resident, so I can't vote for Marty, but I highly recommend him for the Sebring City Council, not only for his military record, but for the honorable way he has led his life.

I feel he will do the best job he can for the welfare and benefit of the residents of Sebring.

James F. Casey

Lake Placid