Letters to the editor

Equal pay

Why am I still na´ve regarding equal pay for males and females in our country? My personal work experiences have covered retail sales, machine shop, house painting, teaching from fourth grade through college seniors and church pastoring. Not once have I known of pay differentials being determined by gender (this dates back to 1942.)

Some of the work experiences of my seven sisters, three daughters and three grand-daughters include medical college hospital dietician, chemical engineer, school librarian, teacher, secretarial work, anesthetist, massage therapist, city firefighter, registered nurse and building inspector. Not once have I heard anyone of them speak of a gender-rated pay scale.

Jim Rahenkamp

Avon Park

Don't blame guns

I could not let Jim Upchruch's letter pass without a response. We have thousands and thousands of gun laws on the books now in this country, how many more would you like?

You say we need "sensible" gun laws. Please tell me which ones are not "sensible?"

The NRA (of which I am a member) is not responsible for some nutcase grabbing a gun and killing masses of people. I don't think the shooter that was put down here in Sebring was a member of the NRA. The NRA teaches gun safety. It is apparent you know very little about the organization.

I think we should take all cars off the road so we can save lives from the people who drive drunk. How about closing bars? Closing all fast food restaurants to protect the people from obesity? Hey, I'm just using your reasoning. We live in a free country, and with that, we live with a certain amount of risks. We assume people will obey the laws. When they don't, we have courts and laws. I own guns and I don't want you or anyone else restricting my Second Amendment rights. Guns have but two enemies: Rust and liberals. I will protect my guns from both.

Terry Collins