Letters to the editor

Justice system?

The March 4 front page headline in the Highlands Today read "Man gets jail time for attending a dog fight." Circuit Judge William Sites sentences James Reed to six months in jail for attending a dog fight and running away when the sheriff shows up. Reed is also facing four years probation. I thought that might be just a little over-the-top until I read the headline the following day: "Woman accused of feeding bears is back in jail."

It seems an 81-year-old woman who had been feeding wildlife has again put out items that can, at this time, only be deemed bird food (bird seed, cracked corn and bread crumbs). This action has violated the pre-trial release order granted by Judge Ritenour for the previous wildlife feeding. This 81-year-old woman is now jailed without bond - a little over-the-top, maybe.

My daughter, Tracy, was killed by a grossly neglect driver who passed through a stop sign at 45 mph and T-boned her car. She left two small children for us to raise. That driver was never arrested, never jailed and never posted a bond. When he went to trial before Judge Shinholser, he was fined $250 and his driver's license was suspended for one year. That gigantic fine was imposed only after the judge had determined that the defendant would be able to pay the fine that day. If he were not, payments would be arranged.

I'll tell you this; my birdfeeder is coming down today and I'll pose my question again: Is there really justice in the justice system?

James T. McClugage

Avon Park

Over population

Many people don't believe global warming is human caused. I agree with the vast majority of the world's scientists who say it is.

The Dust Bowl of the '30s was entirely human caused. The natural grasslands were plowed under and wheat was overplanted so much the topsoil lost its nutrients and could no longer sustain any form of plant life. At that time there were about a billion people on earth.

In 1950 when I was born, there were 2 billion people on earth. Now there are 7 billion. In my lifetime alone the population has quadrupled. This is ridiculous.

Studies have proven the earth's temperature is steadily rising from too many car exhausts and coal-burning power plants. Since the ice on both poles is melting rapidly, the oceans are being diluted by fresh water and are losing their ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. This is what causes global warming, and is certainly not natural.

Overpopulation causes other problems, too. The air pollution in Paris was so bad that cars were ordered off of the streets. Los Angeles has perpetual smog from too many cars. China, Japan, Korea, India and some European countries have no smog laws, so their air pollution does make it to our shores along with the crazy weather it causes.

Asian countries are guilty of overfishing, which is causing an imbalance of aquatic life in the oceans. Japan slaughters every whale it can get its hands on. Shark fins are an Asian delicacy and millions of sharks are being killed, which allows the wrong kind of predators (octopus) to take over.

When the oceans die, we die. Many coral reefs are dead already. Rivers and streams in the Pacific Northwest have risen in temperature (unprecedented) which is now not only killing off the fish, but the other creatures as well who depend on them for food.

I believe overpopulation can be blamed on border problems, too. Many countries have people sneaking across borders because their home countries cannon maintain the numbers of people they have.

Jerry Nargelovic