Letters to the editor

Judicial over-reach?

Federal judge Bernard Friedman decided all by himself that gay rights trumped constitutional rights when he overturned a constitutional amendment that 60 percent of the voters from Michigan approved in 2004, declaring that marriage was between a man and a woman.

Apparently, voters' choices regarding ballot issues are meaningless and have no merit, being left in the hands of a non-elected judge, while leading credence to why some people believe their vote doesn't count.

Jerry Wright

Avon Park

Honor environmental legacy

Shock, grief, a sense of loss - all these were felt when we learned of the death of "Bud" Warren; however, we know that the trumpets, cymbals and drums in Heaven are proclaiming the arrival of the soul of this human, who included honoring all of God's creatures and creation here on Earth, believing that there is a hereafter where we shall all meet again.

It might be a good tribute to Bud's life if more of us would try to follow his stride and his big footsteps immediately.

Those of us who knew Bud and enjoyed his company, knowing of all his good works, should move to name that certain stretch of land, located on the state owned parcel of the Royce Farm, the "Bud" Warren Blue Bird Trail. It is the very least we can do to honor this man's hard work in trying to protect all endangered lands that now are seen falling to the bulldozer, cement and blacktop.

I say with tear-filled eyes and an aching heart, rest in peace, dear friend.

Hank Kowalski

Lake Placid

Bicycle safety

Regarding the article last week about bicycle safety for the riders, there were comments about safety on Lakeview Drive in Sebring.

I ride a bicycle on Lakeview Drive and find it to be one of the safest locations that I have ridden. The "secret" is to ride on the multi-purpose path that is next to the road, also known as a "sidewalk." The multi-purpose path was designed to be used by walkers, joggers, runners and bicycles.

For the large groups of bikers traveling at higher speeds, the multi-purpose path would not be desirable. But for those of us who ride mostly solo or in pairs it is a great way to get our exercise and stay safe!

Alan Kent