Letters to the editor

Agenda 21

George H.W. Bush signed the Rio Accords, which includes UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21 in 1992. Although it didn't mention G.H.W. Bush by name, the Republican National Committee passed a resolution scorching the paint off the walls denouncing Agenda 21 in January 2012.

The committee said that Agenda 21 is "destructive and insidious." The committee's resolution denounces smart growth, resilient cities, green projects and regional visioning. It says that Agenda 21 leads to a "Socialist/Communist redistribution of wealth."

No doubt it was intended that the Republican Convention would incorporate all this into their national platform. Instead, the convention wound up with a rambling paragraph rejecting a number of international treaties. These include the UN Convention on Women's Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as UN Agenda 21.

Among Tea Party activists who oppose Agenda 21, it is an article of faith that President Clinton elevated the nonbinding accord into law with Executive Order #12852. This order created the President's Council on Sustainable Development, or PCSD, in 1993. This agency apparently did not survive the Clinton administration. As far as I can tell, the last meeting of this President's Council was in June of 1998.

Opponents of Agenda 21 insist that its influence kept spreading. "Today under George W. Bush, sustainable development policy has swarmed every county in the country," says Michael Shaw in a 2006 article. He urges citizens to reject comprehensive planning and regionalism.

Some think that blind opposition to Agenda 21 was behind Gov. Rick Scott asking the legislature to abolish the Department of Community Affairs in 2011. Certainly the reasons for this disastrous move that were given at the time make no sense.

Dale L. Gillis


Race trash

Your recent "Racetrack Cleanup" article, complete with photos, was an eye-opener for me. Appalled and shocked, I couldn't resist commenting.

I had no clue that race fans were so thoughtless, careless or low-class. To have left such a horrendous pile of trash causes me to wonder what their homes look like.

The only excuse I can imagine is that perhaps there was a shortage of trash containers. However, a trash container would not have held the large furniture pieces as seen in your photo. Why in the world couldn't race fans take that trash home with them or at least place it in the nearest dumpster?

Carolyn Ford

Lake Placid