Letters to the editor

Healthcare mess

In the interest of disseminating the realities of Obamacare and the health care crisis in general, here is a true story about a real family's first-hand experience right here in Highlands County.

Despite being assured by the president that we could keep our insurance if we wanted to, our health insurance plan - along with millions of others - was dropped by our insurance carrier Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The only plan approved by Obamacare that met our needs and was even remotely affordable costs us $799 per month with a $10,000 deductible ($19,588 per year).

As if that isn't bad enough, my wife's emergency surgery in January brought to light the harsh realities of the so-called Affordable Care Act.

It also pinpointed precisely who is responsible for the absurd, out-of-control health care costs endured by Americans these days.

Specifically, the surgeon who saved my wife's life received $1,709, the radiologist $1,264 and the anesthesiologist $735. In sharp contrast, however, the hospital charged $37,731, or 91 percent of the total. This unconscionable greed was a real eye-opener for my wife and me and should serve as a wake up call for everybody who has a pulse.

We have seen up close and personal the unvarnished truth about Obamacare: Hospitals and insurance companies are making out like bandits on the backs of doctors and patients. Obama's Affordable Care Act is no more affordable than the man in the moon and I have proof positive that we have all been sold a bill of goods. Is anybody really surprised?

Ronald D. Carmony


Gov. Rick Scott

In his reelection campaign, Gov. Rick Scott is again crying poor mouth, his humble origins, demonstrating he is one of us, a man of the people. The governor, who bought his last election by spending $75 million of his own dollars, made his fortune in a health care swindle in Texas, which set a record for fraud and paid $600 million in fines. Getting out of town as an "almost unindicted co-conspirator," Scott arrived in Florida as a well funded "carpet bagger."

In office, Scott wasted millions of state funds in "incentive programs," giving large grants of money to corporations, no strings attached, while sponsoring programs to cut pensions for teachers, police and firemen at all levels of government in Florida.

Now is campaign mode. He daily finds small concessions to win votes, reduction of auto tag fees, while proposing more grants to corporations. Meanwhile his minions in the legislature are drafting bills to destroy the Florida Retirement System, converting it to an "investment plan" similar to George Bush's plan to destroy Social Security by privatizing it into "savings accounts."

Scott and the Florida Legislature refuse to acknowledge that pension plans are a security device, paid for by a lifetime of hard work and loyal service. Converting them to something akin to a lottery ticket and calling it an "investment account" is a sham and a disservice to thousands of hard-working civil servants.

Our "economic chameleon" governor is once again prepared to throw most of us under the bus in order to support his corporate interests.

Randy Ludacer

Lake Placid