Letters to the editor

Inconvenient truth

My last Letter to the editor, seems to have rankled a few liberals. Heaven help anyone not panic-stricken by their claims. Global warming brings out the fear they need to gain support. No empirical proof, just opinions from agencies with an agenda. Outrageous claims of a disappearing arctic ice sheets debunked, volcanic activity discounted, cow's flatulence blamed, are all the liberals need to hear to screech loud and long about "deniers" (whatever that is).

No "holier than thou" rhetoric can change the fact that volcanic activity over the life of this planet raised greenhouse gasses to astronomical levels and occurred during several ice ages and may have contributed to the warming and melting of the ice sheets. No one knows, certainly no one writing letters to the Highlands Today recently, me included.

Calm scientific inquiry, not flatulence from biased sources are called for. The planet is warming slightly and everyone knows it. The question is why. The Earth's rotational tilt, solar activity all seem to play a role but those with an agenda refuse to consider anything but conservatives being to blame. That was the point of my last letter.

I know the planet is warming, I despise those who use that fact for political, self-promoting gain. Reduction of greenhouse gasses is a must and all people know it but not in the panic-inducing mode and economically devastating manner liberals demand. How's that for an inconvenient truth?

Charles Reynolds


Street naming

In my heart and mind I have always held Martin Luther King Jr. among those whom I most greatly esteem. What a shame the way his name is used by those who profess to honor him. Martin Luther King Boulevard has, in a sad number of cities, become synonymous with high crime danger zone.

Jim Rahenkamp

Avon Park

Manipulated facts

In the current hot debate surrounding global warming (no pun intended), both sides resort to extensive use of scientific "facts." Mark Twain, 19th century American humorist, recognized this conundrum in describing the three greatest falsehoods as "lies, damned lies, and statistics."

This much we know. There have been five major glaciations (ice ages) in history, with the most recent one ending 12,000 to 15,000 years ago. In between were interglacials, including the Holocene - the one in which we currently reside. What happens when an interglacial ends and an ice age begins? Mass extinction.

What caused ice ages in the past? Natural causation centering around planet rotation and interstellar activity. Any further explanation is beyond my comprehension. Will there be another ice age? We are in an interglacial. There was one before us, and another is on the way. The question is not if, but when. Collectively, the ice ages have lasted much longer than interglacials.

Great scientific minds of the past made major miscalculations in their reasoning. Aristotle erred on his geocentric (earth-centered) universe. Albert Einstein's static universe was dispelled by Edwin Hubble's research on an expanding universe. At least Einstein admitted his mistake, calling it "the biggest blunder" in his life.

Whether one believes the future will be either an icehouse or a greenhouse, it behooves us to approach "facts" with a degree of trepidation. In the current political climate, "facts" are manipulated by political and media gasbags for their own personal gain. Not very scientific, is it?

Ed Engler