Letters to the editor

Second Amendment

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens' attempt at changing the Second Amendment is guided by his progressive agenda of taking our guns. My Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, copyright 1953, defines militia as "a body of citizens enrolled as a regular military force for periodical instruction, discipline and drill, but not called into active service except in emergencies." In the United States, it includes all able-bodied male citizens between 16 and 45 and is divided into two classes: the organized militia of the individual states and the reserve militia; the organized militia being now called the National Guard.

It is very clear to me that the intent of the writers of the Second Amendment was to guarantee the right to bear arms against an out-of-control federal government.

Ronnie Johnston


Positive healthcare message

I must apologize. I finally got somewhere on the healthcare.gov site. It only took me getting frustrated in February and saying the heck with it. Coming back several times to the same scenario ("Unable to Complete Application). I finally decided I better talk to customer service.

Why am I apologizing? For some reason, I got a discount. Yes, you heard me, I got the federal discount. I don't know how, I don't know why, but I did. Somehow it bypassed our governor and gave it to me anyway. So I was wrong, the governor didn't stop me from getting a discount.

Yes, I even talked about it to the gentleman, voicing how I would not get a discount because of my state. He said, "Not so fast. Yes you do." I was so afraid to even try because of all the horror stories. I figured the only reason I was doing this was to prove I couldn't afford it. I was completely wrong. The most expensive policy I could pick was $192; the least was $10.81. The best part of all of this is they cannot say no. To all of us that have pre-existing conditions, we know this is the most important part of the entire scenario.

No, it is not perfect. No, this is not what I would have wanted at all for America. Forcing people to do anything is not the way to do something. I would like to ask if anyone else has had a positive experience with the healthcare website? Did anyone else get the federal discount? Was anyone else just too afraid to even try? I am very curious to know this because all we ever hear about is how negative everything is. It would be nice to hear something positive for a change.

Deborah Steward

Lake Placid