Letters to the editor

V8 moment

I had a V8 moment. You know what it is. A man is exercising, and a woman says: “Have you been getting your vegetables?” He says, “I try.” She hits him in the forehead, “You could have had a V8.”

During the Jolly/Sink campaign, we were continuously exposed to negative ads to the point I was having an emotional response, especially since I couldn’t even vote in that district. I was so glad the election was over.

Now, the governor is starting negative ads about a previous governor. I started having the same emotional response, when I looked at my remote and saw a yellow button, I hit it and immediately felt better. The TV went silent. I had my V8 moment, all as the result of a yellow button: Mute.

Al Pasinella


Foreign aid

We hope that all Americans are upset and opposed to the announcement, or maybe the news media doesn’t want us to know, that in addition to our already committed foreign aid to Ukraine, Joe Biden just awarded them $50 million in new foreign aid.

We have seen the palatial palaces these leaders build with our foreign aid, and we can’t balance our budget, yet we go to their shores with an open wallet saying, “Here, take more.” Where are the checks and balances that Congress or the Senate has to approve of these cash layouts? Yet they want to cut back on Social Security and Medicare, calling them “entitlements.”

There are 190 countries in the world and we are supplying 150 of those countries with foreign aid, including Russia. A lot of those countries don’t even like us. Wake up, America. Let’s help America first.

Ken Krug