Letters to the editor

Polluted world

A death certificate stating that a person died of natural causes is a statement that is used in a court of law to deny due process and deny the rights of the individual involved.

We live in a very polluted world where there are no safe areas to live. The medical field, by making false statements to aid industrial polluters in law cases, is criminal. This false law statement by the medical field violates all principles of our justice system.

The Supreme Court should address this problem, as it affects all American’s rights to due process.

Billie E. Jewett


Vet healthcare

Just a few words of caution to my fellow vets. Just because you are registered in the VA healthcare system does not, in any shape, form or manner, guarantee that in case of emergency, you can or will be admitted to a VA hospital facility.

Last September I had an emergency and at that time, could not travel to the VA for treatment and had to go to a local hospital for emergency treatment. Shortly thereafter, I contacted the VA, was approved for admission, but could not be admitted as the hospital was full and no beds were available. Several more attempts to be admitted to the VA (Bay Pines), but to no avail.

One emergency was followed by another and between hospitals and rehab centers, it was five months before I came home.

Lesson learned; you only get to be admitted to a VA hospital if approved and beds are available.

I’m a disabled Korean War vet, paraplegic and will now apply for supplemental health coverage to defray huge copays if ever this happens again. Just a heads-up!

Jim Curtis


Democratic Women’s Month

This letter is sent to increase awareness about Democratic Women’s History.

Five years before President Franklin Roosevelt’s death on May 24, 1940, President Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor, welcomed women from the Women’s Division of the Democratic National Committee. The women were visiting Washington, D.C., in order to participate in the DNC convention. Eleanor Roosevelt and Franklin planned on touring 100 guests from this group at the White House. The president also planned on meeting them in the Executive Office to chat.

The Roosevelt’s were delighted when over 4,000 of these women signed up to “chat” with the president. The Roosevelts had to arrange to meet with the women in another location in order to accommodate the large numbers. Because of the political engagement the women exhibited, Eleanor Roosevelt successfully advocated for May 24 to be established as Democratic Women’s Day.

This year, the Florida Democratic Women’s Club declared the entire month of May as Democratic Women’s Month. We honor President and Eleanor Roosevelt for recognizing the importance of women’s voices in politics by celebrating May as Democratic Women’s Month.

Maureen McKenna

Avon Park