Letters to the editor

Not again

Re: Iraq.

Been there, done that, didn’t work then, won’t work now.

Stay out of Iraq. Not worth one more life or one more cent.

Linda McKelvey


Stand Your Ground

Florida was the first state to adopt a Stand Your Ground law, but now 26 states have such laws. What is the effect of such laws on crime? One study covered 21 states that passed SYG laws by 2010. Robbery, burglary and aggravated assault failed to decline. In addition, homicide rates went up about 8 percent in Stand Your Ground states, compared to others. This study was done by professor Mark Hoekstra of Texas A&M.

Eva Paterson, an attorney in Oakland, Calif., summarized some frightening statistics for the American Bar Association. When a white person kills a black person with a gun, 17 percent of such cases are ruled “justified” in Stand Your Ground states. The other side of the coin: When a black person kills a white person with a gun, less than 2 percent are ruled “justified.”

Perhaps these figures explain a startling statement by Craig Watkins, district attorney for Dallas County, Texas. Wilkins told ABA members that Stand Your Ground leads to vigilantism.

Judges in Florida have ruled that the law eliminates any need to give warning before firing a gun at someone. No wonder the homicide rate is going up in Stand Your Ground states.

Dale L. Gillis


What’s wrong

How many times have you said throw all the bums out? That’s what the tea party is trying to do. If they have been in there 15 years or more, they are the problem. We have gotten rid of more Republicans than Democrats.

There are over 40 bills in Senate that Reed won’t let come to a vote. If you don’t know what is going wrong in the country, I think you should change your news station.

Jack Kurtz