Letters to the editor

Golf carts

I would like to take issue with the letter to the editor by James T. McClugage of Avon Park on June 19 regarding golf carts.

Change is difficult for a lot of people, but most, I think, will agree that change is sometimes necessary. First, I would like to address the name “golf cart.” While it is true they were first used on golf courses to get from hole to tee, they have other uses outside a golf course.

In a golfing community you will find some people use them to get to the clubhouse for entertainment, visit neighbors, etc. This would seem to tell me that a better term would be transportation. If a person could use a golf cart, safely, to get to Walmart for groceries and that person had no other means of transportation, then this could be an enabling vehicle.

If the same person is independent and likes to find alternatives to the standard accepted means of transportation that will allow them to exist without public or private assistance, I say “You go, girl.” A day can be planned to make a trip to the doctor’s office, Walmart, etc. and the day becomes an adventure.

I realize for most people making a trip to the doctor’s office an adventure is hard to visualize, but I challenge you to think about it this way: Beautiful day, a slight breeze and you are doing something on your own – no assistance from anyone. You have had the years where you had your own transportation and made regular trips to Walmart, doctor’s, etc., and the toll of time took that away.

Change will come and this will become a cost-saving, pleasurable means of transportation. We can work with it and make it as safe as possible, or we can delay it to another day, another time. We should embrace it and accept it as the normal it will become. There will always be those who will say “golf carts” are for golf courses or Model-A Fords are for lazy people.

Tom Singletary

Avon Park

County commission meetings

Why do so few citizens attend the county commission meetings and what can be done to change this? By having the county commission meetings at 9 in the morning, it makes it impossible for some citizens who work for a living to attend the meetings. And I understand that some of the commissioners don’t really want a large crowd. The larger the crowd, the more questions are asked.

By having the meetings in the morning it also makes it impossible for some working citizens to run for the office of county commissioner due to the fact the job they have is not one that they can leave to attend the meetings as required. And we are missing a lot of good commissioners because of this. Also, this eliminates the competition to incumbents at election time and some commissioners sure like that.

I and others think all citizens have the right to attend the meetings and run for office of county commissioner, and we see no reason it can’t be done. Solution: I would like to have all (not one, but all) the county commission meetings start at 6 p.m., or hear from our commission as to why we can’t do this – understanding that Avon Park, Sebring and Lake Placid meet at night with no problems. I can see no reason we can’t do the same.

If the commission thinks this would make us get out too lake, then put the meetings back to four meetings a month and it won’t take too long. If it’s because some old folks can’t drive at night, we can set up a pickup service. Two meetings per month is only half the job that was there when the present commission ran for office and we now pay them full pay for half the meetings.

I would like to hear what you think. Email jbyoungman@ymail.com or call 382-4933.

Bill Youngman