Letters to the editor

Republicans vs. Democrats

Republican presidents have done more for workers’ rights than any union or “community activist” ever did, or could. OSHA, EPA and the Clean Air Act were all instituted by President Nixon. The National Safety Act was created by Republican President Taft, who also made the Labor Relations Board a cabinet level organization. President Harrison, another Republican president, created the precursor to the Coal Mine Safety Act. Going further back, Abraham Lincoln freed millions of slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation, by far the largest “worker benefit package” this country has ever known.

The Civil War was started by southern aristocrats (Democrats all) wanting to keep their economic base — slavery — by lying to their soldiers about an “imminent” northern invasion. So began the attack on Fort Sumter. No invasion was planned or even considered by Lincoln. Democratic tactics haven’t changed a lick since 1860.

Take an objective view today as Democrats again try to stir the masses to their side with lies, half-truths and virulent rhetoric. The divisiveness we see today is solely at the feet of the Democratic Party, who blithely tell their followers the Republicans want to enslave them. No bipartisan debate is allowed in the U.S. Senate thanks to the absolute refusal of Democratic leader Harry Reid to bring any bill to the floor for debate authored by a Republican, then claiming Republicans are stonewalling Obama’s fiats.

It is worth noting what unions accomplished when they were truly needed during the pre-regulatory days, the days of the Ford riots, the Molly Maguire’s in the West Virginia coal mines, Jimmy Hoffa forced to accept mob help to get workers’ rights, etc. Those were the halcyon days of unions. God bless them for all they accomplished. Those visionary unions and their leaders forced workers’ rights and safety to become federal law.

Unfortunately times have changed as union officials now make obscene salaries and give workers’ hard earned money (union dues) to the Democratic Party machine in order to fund more virulent rhetoric blindly plunging this country once more into a deep division we may not recover from without another violent convulsion.

Charles Reynolds


Citizen involvement

A letter writer lamented that so few citizens show up at county commission meetings and suggested a scheduling change. I wonder what he thinks will be accomplished by more spectators?

It’s obvious that the commission’s objective is to maintain the status quo. Accordingly, the few issues that emerge at meetings are taken under advisement and then wind up under a rock.

Aversion to change defines conservatives and this is a conservative community; even turning down low-risk, potentially appealing changes like curbside recycling fails to elicit public response, forget activists.

A former Sebring councilman called this area the “epicenter of apathy.” He’s right to the extent that for the most part, there is little demonstrated interest in improving anything. But most people seem fine with that.

John Dyce