Letters to the editor

School board

Last Wednesday night I attended a forum in Sebring for a seat on the Highlands County School Board. There are five candidates for this seat. There was one candidate who stood out above the rest. Pep Hutchinson gave thorough, direct answers to the questions submitted to the candidates. His answers were not evasive and he offered solutions to the problems. I perceive him as a team player in working with the school board and superintendent. I feel this is key in all organizations.

The structure of the Q&A session was very fair and the order of each speaker was rotated to ensure fairness. It made me feel good about the American system of politics. This was a perfect example of entry level access to political office.

I am not a current resident of Sebring, although I was raised in Florida and went through all grades of public schools in Escambia County, and eventually graduated from University of Florida. My recent vacation here in Highlands County has shown me a nice place to retire. The roads look like I need to ride a motorcycle on them. I like the fact that there are no interstate highways through the town. It seems to be a very clean, slow-paced town.

Highlands County has a graduation rate of 66 percent of students who enter the system (I learned this at the forum). I would like to see this number improve. I feel that extracurricular activities would interest many more problem students who would otherwise want to dropout.

William Edwin Northup

Slidell, La.

Foreign oil

The situation in Iraq has become tragic and impossible to solve as long as the war is a religious tribal civil war, which it is. The world is watching and hearing hundreds of people being killed every day and thousands made homeless. The war news is on page 6 of your local paper, but what is on page 1? That’s right: How will this effect oil and gas prices around the world. This shows us what the world really thinks is important. Not people; oil.

After a lot of research on the subject, I have determined that the person responsible for the fact we have been held hostage by the Arab’s oil supply for 100 years is Henry Ford. That’s right. Not Bush or Obama or any number of world leaders. It’s Henry Ford. If he had invented a car that ran on air and water (Which most teenagers think when they borrow dad’s car) instead of oil and gasoline, we would not be in this mess.

Remember some 40 years ago when people were in gas lines and Congress said, “We must get away from foreign oil”? Well they apparently figured out their stock options and annuities were funded by oil companies, so that didn’t go far. Today the administration refuses to approve a pipeline from Canada to New Orleans because some farmer in Nebraska is afraid there might be a leak in the pipeline. So we worry about oil from the Middle East. The only two things the Arabs have to sell are Berber carpets and oil.

Henry Ford did it.

Hal Graves