Letters to the editor

Improved pooch

I really feel it necessary to offer an apology to the medical staff at the Humane Society of Highlands County after faulting them for passing through a Labrador for adoption that had diabetes.

After Judy Spiegel called me and explained that they just do not have the facility or funding for this test, I realized I was wrong in my accusation. However, I am pleased to report that my dog now weighs 86 pounds and is thriving since taking the insulin.

Sylvia Nattrass

Lake Placid

Signs of the time

Obviously, wise business people plan ahead of time. There is a good chance that a company would stand to make a lot of money by having a ready supply of signs so that at the appointed time, grocery stores could display them in front of their buildings.


Jim Rahenkamp

Avon Park

Hobby Lobby

How refreshing. In just one column, Joyce Minor was able to explain simply and concisely what the Supreme Court decision regarding Hobby Lobby was all about.

How many thousands of words have been written and printed without getting to the actual core like Joyce Minor did? Hats off to you, Ms. Minor!

Margery Jakubek


Property rights

On July 15, the Highlands County Commission will be faced with the issue of allowing an overlay called Military Airport Zones, designed by the Avon Park Air Force Range, to be approved and initiated by our County Commission.

Approving this will require us to make some changes in our building ordinances, which some of us don’t think the national government should be allowed to be involved in. Yet under this plan, the Air Force will have members on some of our committees. And it is very hard to see why some of our county commissioners are pushing so hard to do away with our property rights.

With what our government is doing at our southern border and with our president violating our Constitution, why would we trust the Air Force when they won’t give us a reasonable reason why, after 70 trouble-free years of coexistence, we would be required to establish the three MAZ’s allowing the government a foothold in our county government.

If you would like to keep the little property rights you have, you need to, number one, call each of the county commissioners and let them know how you feel; all can be reached at 402-6500. Then number two, be at the county meeting at 9 a.m. July 15 and let them know how you feel.

Bill Youngman