Letters to the editor

Punishment fitting crime

A recent article in the Tribune described a 39-year-old “mother” in Utah who murdered six of her children because she wanted drugs and not babies. My question is why did she have innocent, unwanted children in the first place? Keep in mind she has other surviving children. There are methods, both surgical and chemical, to avoid having babies if you don’t want them.

I have to ask someone out there who is way smarter than me: Is it better to not have unwanted children or to have them anyway, only to be brutally murdered by a baby-making/baby-killing psychopathic drug-infested bottom feeder mother? I can’t think of a punishment that is severe enough for this mommy. Some of the dispatch methods employed by Vlad the Impaler come to mind here.

We all make mistakes; I’ve made more than my share for sure. But there are too may circumstances of defenseless babies being locked up in hot cars, some of which are done on purpose. When there is no doubt about guilt that a mommy or daddy or both locked a child into a hot car purposely to suffer and die, then it’s time to lock the parents into a hot car to face the same fate. This is an instance where the punishment should fit the crime.

Jerry Nargelovic


Infant neglect

The article in Saturday’s paper about the mother charged with infant neglect broke my heart. There are so many people in the world wanting to have children and are unable to do so, and here are two supposedly human ones that not only don’t appreciate their gift, but abuse the ones they have.

To the male (I won’t call him a man): are you so low that the only way you can feel like a man is to allegedly punch a four-year-old in the stomach? And then allegedly criticize him for “whining” and delay getting him help because you’ve had previous difficulty with family services?

To the female, assuredly not a mother: you allegedly let this happen and did nothing to prevent it? Were you afraid he would turn on you? I pray that they remove these innocent children from your “care” and place them with a family who will love them and give them a safe home where children are not used as punching bags.

Mary Jane Rettig

Avon Park