Letters to the editor

Impeaching Obama

There have been several calls lately to impeach President Obama. There is also a move on to sue him. Speaker Boehner wants to sue the “flippant” man for his running roughshod over the Constitution with his executive orders. It is about time someone ran with the ball to stop the five-year runaway train.

Obama’s famous comment at the last State of the Union address, “I have the pen and the phone, and I will do it without Congress,” shows how arrogant the man is.

Obamacare was passed by Congress as law after a lot of hue and cry from different groups about some of the law. Obama simply amended those parts that weren’t working with his executive powers. Folks, those of you that remember your eighth-grade civics class know the president has only two options when a bill is sent to his desk: sign it into law, or veto it, make changes on a legal pad and send it back to Congress to be reworked before he signs it into law. He cannot change it. This guy simply does as he pleases with the advice of his senior advisor, Valarie Jarrett. She is really the power behind the throne.

Impeachment is for treason or criminal acts. Obama is simply a poor executive and impeaching him gets us Joe Biden as his replacement. Bob Gates, former defense secretary, referred to Biden as the joke of Washington. Be careful what you wish for.

Hal Graves


Taxpayer money

There has been a lot of diatribe about excess of money put into the political campaigns by big corporations and moneyed people. The Supreme Court ruled that this was free speech and therefore was constitutional. I do not object to all this money going to support campaigns because it goes to paychecks. I think that the objection is because the money goes to people with a different ideology.

What I think is unconstitutional is for Congress to take our taxes and spend it on their political campaigns. The Constitution states “nor shall private money (property) be taken for public use, without just compensation.” The Supreme Court has ruled that money is property. No money should leave the treasury except for labor or goods. There is no just compensation in welfare and subsidies. We do not rail against this because we do not want to give up all the goodies that are bestowed upon us. Isn’t it illegal to pay someone to vote for you?

Shall we ignore history? Governments do not survive when it takes too much (taxes) from its citizens for whatever reason. Does $17 trillion debt ring a bell?

Will “we the people” provide the safety net that the government is not authorized to do? What did “we the people” do before the government bribed us with their safety net? As I recall some 80 years ago, family took care of family.

Russell Errett