Letters to the editor

Old tires

It is not a wonder that you see old tires all over. It is very hard to get them picked up. I am part of a neighborhood group that picks up trash on the roads in our neighborhood. We have also collected several old tires that were discarded on the sides of the road. Usually we will put the tires at a spot where trash is picked up and call to arrange pick up. The garbage company will put us on the list for the next scheduled pickup. Usually that date comes and goes, and the tires still sit there. When I call again I get different excuses. One time the guy couldn’t find the place, even though it is a normal pick up spot for trash. The next time they forgot. Another time they said they picked them up when they are still there.

It should be noted that the recycling department will not take tires either. It can be very frustrating to say the least. Down the road there are at least 12 old tires in the ditch on one side of the road and half a dozen five-gallon buckets with who knows what in them on the other side. They have been there a long time.

Being a county maintained road one would think that the county would pick them up. I have called about them, to no avail. It is not easy to keep a neighborhood cleaned up; the least they could do is cooperate with us in picking things up once we get it collected.

As for the trash further down the road, I would hope that the people living there will get with the county about getting them picked up. After all, it reflects on all of us living there and no one I know likes living in a landfill.

Connie Burton


Pep Hutchinson

I want to offer my support to William “Pep” Hutchinson for School Board in Highlands County. I have known Pep on a personal level for many years. He is a successful businessman with passion for the youth of the local community and my experience tells me that he will bring his typical enthusiasm, caring attitude and “get-it-done” leadership style to help advance the quality of education in Highlands County.

Growing up in Avon Park, I first knew Pep as a member of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer downtown. Pep was an active lay leader and organizer of youth activities, He held Bible studies and also taught acolyte training to the youth volunteers. He was also involved with our cross country team at APHS for a number of years, aiding legendary Coach Chet Brojek to build one of the best programs in the state of Florida year in and year out.

Pep’s most impressive quality to me, however, is his extreme generosity of both his time and treasure. Pep served as a mentor to many of us growing up, instilling the importance of not only athletics, but academics and an old-fashioned work ethic. Whether donating his time to a church project, hiring youth for summer jobs at his business or buying running shoes for the team, Pep always had his eye on God’s calling to make a difference in his community.

Pep is a lifelong resident of Highlands County who has a big heart and is eager to make a difference for the students in this school district.

Joseph “Jody” Johnston

APHS Class of 1981