Letters to the editor

Our economy

When President Obama became president in 2008, head Teapublicans in Congress secretly met and vowed not to pass any legislation that would make the duly elected president look good. They vowed that any laws that would improve the economy would be first on the list to be voted down.

Fast forward to 2014 and these anti-Americans are gnashing their teeth because despite their best efforts, the economy has improved dramatically.

Our own Tom Rooney and Marco Rubio and the rest of the Teapublican spoilers are outraged because there have been 52 months of private sector growth (9.7 million jobs). They are livid because for the first time in history the Dow Jones has reached 17,000.

To add injury to insult, 1.4 million jobs were created in the first half of 2014 and 288,000 private sector jobs were created in June.

Obstructionist Teapublicans have done everything in their power to destroy our economy. Fortunately, they haven’t succeeded.

Millie Grime


One percent sales tax

The Highlands County staff has started using the $25,000 of your tax money they were given trying to stretch the 15 years of one percent sales tax they said they needed in 1989 into 45 years of taxes lasting till 2034. They are doing this by only telling you one side of the story — the good side. They don’t say anything about the ways they have spent your tax dollars that didn’t pan out or were just dumb to start with. It appears the commission thinks tax dollars need to be spent and it doesn’t matter how. And they think they should never pass up a grant no matter how much it will cost the taxpayers.

Even if the one percent sales tax extension fails to be approved this election, it will stay in place for five more years till 2019. That will give our county commissioners time to listen to the taxpayers and learn how to spend our tax dollars wisely. Then we can look at it again and see if the one percent sales tax is really needed.

I say, vote this election and vote no on the extension of one percent sales tax.

Bill Youngman


Dogs and their owners

If it were not for the many years that the less aggressive puppies were culled from pit bull dog litters for dog fight purposes, likely pit bull dogs would not be any more dangerous than German shepherds or chows. We, however, must face the facts.

I like animals. My father used to raise Boston terrier dogs and it was my job to care for them. I became very attached to the dogs.

Without exception, when a pit bull dog attacks or kills another dog or human being, the same rationale is presented: “It is not the breed’s fault. It is the way the owner has trained the dog.”

This is tantamount to saying, “When that pet tiger attacked, it was not the breed’s fault. It was the way the owner trained the tiger.”

Jim Rahenkamp

Avon Park