Letters to the editor

False assertions

In a recent letter a writer accused the Republican representatives in Congress of secretly meeting to block any legislation that would make the president look good. This once again is backed up by no facts and is therefore false.

Next, the writer says the economy has improved dramatically is once again a false statement. This has been the slowest recovery in the history of the country, as most of the jobs created are low-paying part-time ones.

Accusing Sen. Rubio and Rep. Rooney of being livid is laughable, again with no facts to back this up. The writer should also give the facts on how many people have dropped out of the workforce.

There is only one who has worked hard to destroy our economy and he is not whatever an “obstructionist teapublican” is. Our local tea party is non-partisan, only dedicated to educating the people on the truth. So come visit us.

Robert Gillmore


Why extend tax now?

Why is it necessary for the people of Highlands County to vote for the extension of an existing sales tax to be extended for 15 years now when the present tax does not expire until 2019 - five years from now?

It seems to me we could make a better judgement at that time as to whether we need to continue the tax. Am I missing something here?

Would your newspaper or the county commissioners please address this question?

Charles H. Wiggins


Editor’s note: The county contends it needs to extend the sales tax beyond 2019 in order to borrow money to pay for future projects past the 2019 expiration date.

Official use only

Are the vehicles city, county and state employees allowed to take home (other than police officers and certain emergency personnel) supposed the be used for off-duty personal use, such as going to malls, home improvement stores or supermarkets on the weekends?

If so, do they pay for the fuel and insurance out of the their own pockets or are we the taxpayers footing the bill?

The fellow I observed coming out of a store in Cambridge Square with his purchases this past weekend and getting into the white auto with the yellow “state” tag sure didn’t appear to be dressed for “work.”

Maybe the entities who control the distribution of public-owned vehicles need to reiterate that these vehicles are for “Official Use Only.”

Just thinking out loud again.

Ed Cunningham

Lake Placid