Letters to the editor

Missing weapons

First the VA scandal, the IRS scandal, the reimbursement of millions of welfare checks mistakenly sent, IRS agents who didn’t pay their individual taxes, bonuses to government heads of various failing agencies and now the Pentagon claims they have lost almost 450,000 weapons unaccounted for during their last check – absolutely the living end when you lose 40 percent of the weapons sent to Afghanistan.

The military claims that some 747,000 weapons have gone to that country to arm the local army. Now, due to some accounting conflict due to poor managing, they can’t find 450,000 of them.

The Pentagon says it is due to the manner in which we, the U.S., keep track of the weapons and the way Afghanis keep track. That is we use computers and they use paper and pencil. Give me a break. The millions we have spent over there, don’t tell me someone over there doesn’t have a computer.

My suggestion: They check the “Fast and Furious” account to see if somehow they went to Mexico in another one of the fabulous administrator’s scandals.

Folks, we have heard over and over how the federal government has all the answers to our problems. Well, folks, the only thing the federal government does right is ask for our money and then tax us into oblivion.

If the local police force lost just one weapon, heads would roll. Let’s see how the feds get out of this one.

Hal Graves


No borders

An American woman who is fed up with our porous borders said it best on the TV news. “When a country doesn’t have borders you no longer have a country.”

You hear that, Obama?

Jerry Nargelovic


One suggestion about pets

What a wonderful Caladium Festival this year. The very hard work of the caladium growers is so appreciated in our town.

On Saturday there were people shoulder to shoulder and the hot, humid temps were pretty uncomfortable.

I love the “people’s choice” award of Doggone Crazy for Caladiums, , and I really think that should be stressed for next year’s festival.

The pet owners who bring their dogs should have to attend the same way as their pets: barefooted, no sunglasses and no hats. Those poor animals looked miserable. A beautiful Weimaraner had a partial muzzle on. Don’t dogs have to be able to pant to cool off?

Next year, please add the suggestion that pets are better left at home.

Karen Whittington

Lake Placid