Letters to the editor

Who is blocking legislation?

A recent tea party letter took a previous letter writer to task for not providing facts when the first writer claimed that the GOP in Congress blocked legislation just to make the president look bad.

Apparently, this tea party member missed McConnell’s rant on election night when he (on camera) said that he would do just that. Or, maybe he missed, in advance of the president’s second State of the Union address, when Boehner (on camera) vowed to keep Congress idle when it comes to advancing the president’s second-term agenda.

These people are so selfish and politically driven that McConnell even blocked a bill to shore up a “horse torturing bill.” Former Sen. Joseph Tydings, D-Md., the lead sponsor of the 1970 Horse Protection Act, said, “One very powerful senator from Kentucky” (referring to McConnell) was blocking the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act from coming to a vote in the Senate. Horse soring is a despicable practice in which horses are tortured with chains and pads and have burning chemicals applied to their front legs to force them to walk funny, creating unusual gaits. McConnell said “horse torture creates jobs.” This was reported on Nightline.

Just Google “McConnell blocking” or “Boehner blocking” and you will find tons of articles on their “do nothing Congress” efforts.

In regards to a second comment made by this tea partier, or as I call them, Me-Partiers, because their agenda seems to read “what’s in it for me?” he stated that the Me Party was nonpartisan.

The only way I could see that being true is that neither the Democrats nor the GOP seems eager to lay claim to these extreme right-wing groups. Does that count as nonpartisan?

Roger McAllister


Wrong leadership

This leader of our nation was voted into office by uniformed people or those who were receiving checks from the government. This administration is stealing our freedoms, overtaxing us, giving away huge finances to many foreign countries and helping those who are fully able to work, destroying the best health care system in the world for an unworkable system. This system, if it continues, will be unaffordable for anyone.

With common core, our children are not learning what they need to know of our history, but learning the Obama (Saul Alinsky) doctrine. Core curriculum is bad curriculum.

Our finances are out of control with $17 trillion debt. Congress must stop funding many of these programs. We need to cut back on government employees (no replacement when they retire and cut some departments out).

We are blindly following false leaders. Harry Reid has stopped 340 bills sent from the House and refused even a voice vote on them in Senate. The president has gone beyond his authority by writing rules he wants and refusing to enforce laws we already have. He is refusing to close our borders, and thus, we are inundated by children and families who have come into our no-policy immigration gap and will take advantage of us.

President Obama’s policies are destroying America and not helping Israel in their time of need in war right now. We will be the next on the plan of the terrorists.

Pray and speak up, and by all means, vote.

It is urgent that we all vote this November. The primary is Aug. 26 and general elections are Nov. 4. We need to know what our candidates stand for and vote as the Lord directs. Only 30 percent of Christians voted last time. Let’s encourage everyone you know to get out and vote.

This is a most critical time for America and we should pray for America and Israel. Pray for God to save us all from destruction.

Ruth Shepard