Letters to the editor

Life is better

Last week after listening to the radio, watching TV, reading newspapers and looking at the news on my computer, I felt dejected.

Almost all I heard or read about was what is wrong with the Obama administration; what they have not accomplished or what they have accomplished that is bad. As I sat thinking about what has happened over the six years, I thought to myself, things are a lot better than what I was being told each day in the media. In fact, I am quite happy about several factors that make life better for a majority of us in the United States.

We’ve had several years of consecutive monthly job growth. Last month there were almost 300,000 jobs gained. The unemployment number has decreased from 10 percent to 6.1 percent and heading lower. The percentage of those seeking jobs has hit an eight-year low.

We no longer have thousands of troops fighting or being killed, or physically or mentally wounded in Iraq and soon will have most of our troops out of Afghanistan.

Interest rates remain low and the stock market has hit historic highs. Our auto industry has rebounded in spectacular fashion. Manufacturing jobs are rebounding. The housing market is almost totally out of the doldrums. The Economic Growth Rate was 4 percent for the second quarter of 2014.

Ten million people now have health care insurance and the majority of these people favor the program. Many of those could not afford insurance before the Affordable Care Act. Others who were formerly refused insurance for having pre-existing conditions are now insured.

I am indeed happy about the changes that have occurred over the last six years. I believe the jobs, war, economy and health insurance situations are far better than they were six years ago. Yes, I realize progress in these and other areas need continued improvement. I know in my heart that almost all Americans would be happier if our local, state and national political leaders would work together to help make the United States an even greater place for all to live.

James E. Smith


Conservative politics

Regarding the Aug. 2 letter from Roger McAllister: he talks about Republicans and Tea Party members being obstructionist.

He seems to have failed to mention the most obstructionist member of Congress in the past 4 or 5 years, like Senator Harry Reid. Reid has single-handedly blocked from Senate votes dozens of bills that came from the House — I guess he feels he is the representative of the other 99 members of the Senate, saving them the “chore” of having to vote on issues. Reid has also refused to permit votes on a federal budget, following in the footsteps of President Obama by ignoring/violating the U.S. Constitution.

By the way, just so Mr. McAllister will know, I am not a Tea Party member, nor have I ever attended any of their meetings. I am just a common sense conservative voter who wants to see the Democrat destruction of this great country stop.

Alan Kent