Letters to the editor

Editorial balance

At first blush one might suppose that the two letters which appeared in Highlands Today’ Aug. 2 editorial page were a fair and balanced presentation; one critical of Congress blocking the president’s legislative policies, the other critical of the administration and its supporters.

Reading the substance of both letters demonstrates this is far from true. The letter titled “Who is blocking legislation?” is bottomed on facts, two quotes; one from Mitch McConnell vowing to block legislation to make Obama look bad and limit him to a one-term president, the other when John Boehner agreed to prevent Congress from advancing the president’s second-term agenda.

The second letter, entitled “Wrong leadership,” commences with a swipe at uninformed people or those receiving checks from the government (presumptively those with whom the writer disagrees) and then goes on with a full-blown anti-Obama rant, concluding all ills are to be laid at his door and that he is destroying the country. Lastly she invokes the Lord for help, assuming agreement.

When I was a journalist student at the University of Florida many years ago, we were taught that balanced or equal presentations depended on advancing facts, not printing one position fact-based, the other an emotional rant. Try to do better next time the equanimity nerve wants scratching.

Randy Ludacer

Lake Placid

We need change

Jerry Zeifman, the former Democratic chief of staff for the House Judicial Committee, had to fire a staff attorney who was involved with the prosecuting process of Watergate.

The staff attorney was fired for being unethical and dishonest. The attorney was also being fired for conspiring to violate the Constitution, rules of the House, rules of the committee and betraying confidentiality of the committee. These are direct reports from Mr. Zeifman, and the attorney was Hillary Clinton – the same woman supposedly running for the presidency of the United States, also the same woman who stood by, along with Obama, and watched the invasion of U.S. soil in Benghazi (yes, our consulates around the world are deemed U.S. territory).

She deemed the invasion and deaths of American citizens were, in her own words, “just a bump in the road.”

It is sad enough that we have an absent president during crucial times in this country. Let’s not have more of the same in 2016.

David Parks