Letters to the editor

School board elections

The members of the Highlands County School Board are the governing body of our public schools. Florida’s governor and cabinet make up the State Board of Education and each county school board may use any power for school purposes in the operation, control and supervision of its schools unless specifically prohibited by law. Schools in our county are only as good as each school board member’s decision is good.

The board has three main functions: planning (such as the budget and property); setting policy (such as goals and objectives); and evaluation (results of the education of its students). It takes experience and training to be an effective school board member of a county with over 11,000 students and over $111 million budget.

Charlene Edwards is a school board candidate in District 1 and is one of the most experienced candidates ever. She has been the operations director of RCMA, which taught over 7,000 daily in south Florida last school year with a $65 million budget. There were 600 Highlands children in their seven child development centers last year — many of them Head Start.

She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and has lived in Highlands County for over 40 years, where her four boys were schooled. Charlene has served on local, state and national boards, including South Florida State’s Early Childhood Education Committee. Her decision-making capabilities relative to student education will drastically improve the quality of our schools.

Your vote for Charlene Edwards will further develop the operation of the Highlands County School Board.

Elli Million

Government major at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Overusing the word ‘hero’

In today’s turmoil, especially here in the United States, the term “hero” is being used entirely too freely and it takes away the true meaning of a real hero.

A hero is someone who, without regard for their own well-being, injury or loss of life, accomplishes a feat that saves or protects the lives and safety of others. The term “hero” is blatantly diminished today by using the term to describe anyone who is involved in our stupid so-called wars, or those who are losing their life in terrorist acts. In different venues, simply putting on a uniform of any kind to do the job required does not make one a hero.

Just ask any veteran in this great country of ours what a hero is, and I’m very sure you’ll find what a true meaning of a hero is. Probably no other word than a “hero” is more reverently asserted to be bestowed on an individual.

Robert Larson

U.S. Navy 54-57

Lake Placid