Letters to the editor

Good candidate

I am writing to offer a unique perspective on school board candidate Pep Hutchinson. I ran against Pep Hutchinson in the last election. Opposing candidates tend not to speak highly of one another. However, I found Pep to be very courteous and helpful.

He is a person who is willing to spend effort in doing in-depth research. I was very impressed by his research when I ran against him.

Pep Hutchinson is a tithing Christian and a man who has a passion for making a difference in the education of our young people.

Roberta Peck


No to tax extension

Don’t let our County Commission con you into voting for the one-cent tax extension until they reinstate impact fees that were designed to help pay for infrastructure costs.

N.V. Swanson

Lake Placid

Socialism waits for us

Fairness was effectively used by today’s Progressive politicians as a motivational tool in passing Obamacare and deciding not to secure our borders. There is talk that it may become the major factor in having the executive branch possibly decide to issue amnesty to 10-plus million illegals, even though it would clearly violate the existing immigration law.

Most Americans – Progressives included – understand “fairness” and know a dictionary definition connotes ideals such as “…free from dishonesty and injustice…legitimately sought, pursued, done,” etc.

There is a difference between talking about fairness and acting fairly. Was it honest to pass Obamacare as a tax after citizens were assured it was no such thing during deliberations? Is it legitimate or just to have the executive branch decide unilaterally that certain laws should not be enforced, or consider issuing edicts resulting in the spending of sums of taxpayer dollars without Congressional approval? I believe not!

If fairness might not be the underlying motive in passing such laws and edicts, what could be? Something as simple as political power? Sadly, I believe so.

With Obamacare, the government controls some additional 15 percent of the economy and forces hundreds of millions of Americans to be dependent on it for every aspect of their health care. It now has the power to decide on the doctors, hospitals, treatments and costs associated with care.

The lack of border security along with its never-ending “fairness need” for amnesty has produced a growing pool of tens of millions of potential citizens. The overwhelming number of such dependent voters would be hard-pressed not to vote for the ones in charge of their well-being.

The “fundamental transformation of America” is near. Progressives have worked for this goal since Woodrow Wilson and now have most of the machinery in place, including a complicit media and several complicit federal departments.

Perhaps more time is needed, but eight more years of power should do quite well with Hillary Clinton, a self-asserted “modern Progressive” as the likely favorite for next presidency. The transformation of the U.S.A. into a one-party, Venezuelan-style socialist government could become reality!

Ray Stebbins

Avon Park