Letters to the editor

Begin citing bad drivers

I have been following the various stories regarding the budget cuts. It seems everyone is working hard to make various cuts to the budget in all departments. It also appear that Sebring is already operating on a very thin budget. I hate to see the sheriff’s department take such a big hit on their budget.

I think I have a solution for the sheriff’s office. Here is a way they can get all the revenue they need: Start giving out citations to the crazy drivers on our roads. You know who you are – the people who think the rules don’t apply to them, passing in a no passing zone (do you no know what a double yellow line means?), driving recklessly and way above the legal speed limit, running red lights, changing lanes at a traffic intersection, treating U.S. 27 as your own personal race track (U.S. 98 heading to Lorida is even worse).

All of these violations are not only dangerous to the person committing them, but to the other people on the road as well. We could easily keep the sheriff’s office funded for a long time to come. Let’s get busy issuing citations to these unsafe drivers and increasing revenue for the sheriff’s department.

Brigitte Riello


Candidate endorsements

The screening sub-committee of the government affairs committee of the Heartland Association of Realtors Inc. recently interviewed candidates for the District 1 and District 5 School Board seats.

They faced tough choices in a field of very qualified candidates. However, a choice must be made and based on their very thorough and thoughtful responses to the issues most important to Realtors, they are recommending Ronnie Jackson for school board District 1 and William “Tres” Stephenson III for school board District 5.

We appreciate all the candidates giving us an opportunity to learn more about their political philosophy, and for helping us to understand how they plan to approach the pressing issues that face our county.

Most importantly, the Heartland Realtors urge all registered voters to make their voices heard on Election Day.

Heartland Association of Realtors Inc.


Good candidate

On Aug. 26 an election for Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit, Group 16, is on the ballot. This is a non-partisan election, regardless of party affiliation; all voters may vote.

Larry Helms, an attorney for over 39 years with professional experience in circuit criminal, circuit civil, family and probate law, is a candidate for this position. He has experience as a Supreme Court certified mediator and arbitrator, and has served as two-term past president of Bar Association for Winter Haven, Lake Alfred and Auburndale.

Larry has always had a very strong work ethic. He came from a working-class family and while working two jobs, put himself through law school. He is a very community oriented individual, having volunteered as a coach and serving on a local board. He is founding director of second Wing Lung Transplant Association and two-time past president of Rotary Club of Cypress Gardens.

In my opinion, Larry Helms is the best qualified candidate for this position. He is a man of enormous integrity, character and courage. If elected, he will not waste taxpayer money. He will be fair and impartial, and treat those who come before him with courtesy, dignity and respect. Most importantly, as a judge, he will follow the law, and represent all the citizenry with truthfulness and honesty.

Richard T. White

Winter Haven