Letters to the editor

All is fair

It seems rather odd that Attorney General Eric Holder is sticking his big nose in Ferguson, Missouri’s business by indicating he will see that everything will be done to ensure the family of Michael Brown that a fair investigation will take place, but he will not get the Justice Department involved in investigating former IRS official Lois Lerner.

And why is tribal leader Obama weighing in with his opinion on a local problem just a day or two after the incident when he knows nothing about it other than it was a “brother,” but says or does nothing regarding the invasion of illegal Central Americans on the southern border?

Seven days later, back in Ferguson ,the problem continues because they used the soft-handed approach so as not to further upset the “peaceful” protesters.

Oh well, they just stood by and watched these protesters eating pizza and holding their signs while others who were described as the poor and unemployed drove their rides up and down the street with their children, making it a family night-out while burning precious gas, and after watching it on TV as CBS News reported, it appeared to have a festive atmosphere.

Finally, why was it so important to release the officer’s name until it was thoroughly investigated, yet the “peaceful” protesters were upset because the tape of Michael Brown stealing cigars and strong-arming the clerk was released? All is fair.

Jerry Wright

Avon Park

Facts not sensationalism

This is not just about the Ferguson tragedy. A common complaint you hear about the accused is how can we get a fair jury?

I understand the news reporting an event, especially when it goes national. You would not want a family member subject to the news media’s sketchy coverage of an event that could alter the outcome of a trial.

I have no problem with the media coverage after a trial. With all the electronic devices there is a problem with rumors that are hard to quell after they are out. I thought justice is best served by facts, not sensation or rumors.

Roger Robbins


Good candidate

As the 2014-15 school year begins, I have a lot on my plate as a teacher. I’ve been planning, creating and preparing my classroom all summer long.

Many say, “Teachers are so lucky, they have the summer off!” This is really an misconception; while we do not have students to work with during the summer, we have a multitude of responsibilities which need to be addressed – new curriculums, multiple trainings to help us better meet our students’ diverse and ever-changing needs, along with becoming familiar with new testing criteria.

Having said all this, it’s important to say that in Highlands County, our school system is a complex integration of people and programs that provide our children a quality education.

This is why it is so important that those elected to the Highlands County School Board are highly qualified, not only as educators, but in other areas as well. This is why I support Jill Compton for school board.

As an educator, Jill Compton is trained in multiple areas: speech/language, ESE, regular education, early childhood and administration. As a parent of twin boys, Jill understands the importance of parent involvement in the school system, both in the classroom and at the county level.

She can relate to those parents who struggle to balance work and parenting. As a businesswoman in the community, Jill Compton is able to see the “big picture,” which makes her very sensitive to the needs/views of the taxpayers of Highlands County.

Jill is not a blind follower as she has demonstrated in recent school board meetings, instead she wants all the facts to make an informed decision on matters that she knows are important to both the education system and the taxpayers.

Finally, as a longtime friend, I know that Jill Compton’s strong family values, experience in the educational setting and position in the business community are what makes her the best choice for my vote in the upcoming elections for School Board for Highlands County, District 5.

Elizabeth Sisson