Letters to the editor

Good candidate

I would like to voice my support for Clinton Culverhouse, candidate for School Board of Highlands County District 5.

Clinton is a man of excellent character. He has shown his interest in the education of our students by his many hours of volunteering at school events. He is the parent of two children who attend our public schools. He has a true understanding of the needs of our schools.

I urge voters to choose Clinton Culverhouse for school board on Aug. 26.

Christine Gregory


Campus police department

Gov. Scott said the state will pay to have law enforcement officers in schools. Now, Highlands County should have a county campus police department. The people would be trained at the same place the deputies are, but they would concentrate on juvenile law and juvenile crimes. They would not need other training that the deputies get like felonies, traffic enforcement, domestic violence, etc. They could get paid less than deputies.

By creating the campus police department, it would free up the deputies and city police officers to be put on patrol and perform the duties they were trained for instead of being in school all day. This would be a benefit to the sheriff and city police, the residents of Highlands County, and cost less for the school board.

If a felony occurred in school, a deputy could be called to handle it.

John Tuthill

Retired police officer


Police self-protection

Would our president, Barack Obama, have gotten so involved in the case of Michael Brown being killed by officer Darren Wilson if it had been a white boy being killed by a black police officer? I think not.

Michael Brown was a 6-foot, 4-inch, 300-pound overbearing individual as was shown in the robbery video. A police officer is required to take whatever measures necessary to get control of the situation at hand.

Charles German


Gay prejudice

Sheriff Benton’s Highlands County Sheriff’s Office demonstrates institutionally ingrained prejudice toward victims, evidently based on sexual orientation. Deputies are dismissive when a gay person is victimized by theft or subjected over and over to hate speech or intimidated by veiled threats.

The non-gay perpetrator is treated with deference, regardless of their history of criminal activities, and the gay person is treated as less than credible, simply because of the deputies’ bigoted presumptions about openly gay people. Shame on Sheriff Benton.

Jerry Maxham

Lake Placid