Letters to the editor

One-cent tax

I have always been a proponent of the one-cent sales tax. The county just listed $67 million on projects that have been paid for by this. Yet, when you ask the county for receipts showing what they spent your hard-earned money on, they show you a part of it but not all. What about the other $123 million. Where did it go?

Yes, the new sheriff’s building is needed. The cost will only increase, but now we are shifting money around from other projects to pay for it. They have lost their priorities.

There are several ways that things are going to be funded in the future. Yes, the ad valorem tax is going up. It needs to. The one-cent sales tax costs me far more than the county tax. The problem is the spending mentality spreads to other areas. The school board wants a half-cent tax to fund things like buses. However, it was more important to fund the tennis court improvements in Lake Placid.

The county just spent $36,000 on a consultant. We pay a very good salary to our HR head. That money should be taken not from the budget, but rather from that salary. The survey is something that not only could be done in house, but should be.

They have shown that they are not good guardians of your money. The tax will continue even if voted down. The difference is that you will make your elected officials stop spending money like a group of sailors on shore leave.

I never thought I would say this, but, vote no on the continuation of the one-cent sales tax. Make your elected officials responsible to the citizens; after all, it’s not their money. One thing I can guarantee: Should you not care, they won’t either.

If the letter lacks continuity, sorry, they have a word limit which makes it sound very stupid. I’m glad it has nothing to do with who gets all that money from the county for that listing of tax rolls. Aren’t you?

Ray R. Napper


School board race

I am writing to voice my unwavering support of Jill Compton for Highlands County School Board, District 5.

I have known Jill for the better part of a decade and worked with her for much of that time. She has been a great friend and I have always known her to have a firm commitment to the educational success of children in Highlands County.

Jill is a wonderful mother and a wonderful educator, having raised twin boys and serving as a resource teacher at the Kindergarten Learning Center. In my time working with her, I have observed the patience for the challenges and the passion she has for the education of the children with whom she worked.

It was a delight to hear that Jill was running for the school board and we all should find the idea of a teacher, who has worked in the trenches the way she has, sitting in the District 5 Highlands County School Board seat.

Please vote for Jill Compton this Tuesday.

Christopher Hayes