Letters to the editor

Apology, reparations overdue A couple of months ago, there was a letter in the Tampa Tribune about a way that could help eliminate the debt our beloved country now finds itself in. The writer of this letter asked why we don't collect the huge war debts countries like Japan, Germany, South Korea and China owe the United States. Our debt could probably be paid off if these countries would pay up what they owe us. For those of you who have forgotten our history, Japan and Germany were the combined aggressors in World War II, obsessed with their arrogant dream of overtaking the world. Japan's cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor is what got us into the war.
Neither Japan nor Germany, to my knowledge, has ever apologized for the atrocities committed on our servicemen in direct violation of the Geneva Convention. In the Korean War, our guys died helping South Korea free itself from the oppressive North. We helped China during the second World War. In all of these cases, these countries need to make restitutions for the American lives that were lost, along with the monetary debts they owe us. In my opinion, I have yet to see where any of these countries have proven themselves to be our friends in any way, shape or form. During World War II, it was Ford, Willy's, General Motors and Chrysler who forsook automobile productions in our country to make the war machines we needed to help our allies win the war. I have to wonder if we got into a war with China, for example, in this day and age, whose side would the Asian and German assembly plants in our country be on? The above countries I mentioned are undermining the American economy by selling their products to clueless Americans. All this does is increase the foreign trade deficit along with the loss of American jobs. No, I don't buy into the "global economy" at all. Jerry Nargelovic Sebring Phone freebie How can a 19-year-old Haitian, two years living in the country with her parents and two siblings, manage to qualify for a free "Obama phone" (her words)? To add insult to injury, she also gets 250 minutes free per month. I really would like some help to understand how this works and we, the taxpayers, are paying for it. Just March 6 it was reported on the news that the taxpayers are paying $2 billion a year for this program. Tom Houpe Avon Park