Letters to the editor

Gay marriage Regarding Leonard Pitts’ editorial on Rob Portman’s reversal on same sex marriage. Mr. Pitts is extremely biased in that he also mentioned Dick Cheney and his lesbian daughter, but failed to mention in the same article the reversal of our president, and Bill and Hilary Clinton, who had previously stated that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Many times our news media would have us believe, as they poll the Hollywood elite, that Americans are finding same-sex marriage more acceptable. Look what happened in California, when it was put on a ballot: 60 percent of the people said no, yet a gay judge 18 months later overturned that decision. Most American Christians and Jewish religions are against it. For Rob Portman to state that his son should have the same joy and stability of marriage that he has had doesn’t say much for marriage. Gay marriage, like capital punishment, should be put on a ballot and the will of the people should govern. No judge, nor governor, nor the Supreme Court should rule on these issues. The government already has stepped out of bounds by abolishing the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for the military. Only 10 percent of our leaders have ever served in the military and they don’t understand about situations that can arise in common showers. To tell those that are “different” that it is acceptable to be “openly gay” and that their fellow comrades must accept it is wrong.
I served from 1959 till 1963 and the military should be the only ones to decide on that issue. Our leaders are trying to dumb down America. They haven’t any experience in the private sector and yet they are trying to tell big businesses how to run their companies. Voters, remember this: with the two-party system, we have checks and balances. If Obama gets his way with having a majority in the House, we will then have a dictatorship and then we will all fail. Ken Krug Hawthorne Dictator Obama? I read about Hilary Clinton running for president in 2016 and I laugh. I think that by election time in 2016, Obama will appoint himself as president and there will be no way of preventing this. Obama is organizing a “FEMA Youth Group” numbering several thousand to help clean up areas after a disaster. However, this group is composed of young people 18 to 20 years of age and is being trained in the use of firearms. To clean up disaster areas? Then we have the Deptartment of Homeland Security buying up various sizes of ammunition for its 50,000-plus armed agents. Are they expecting an invasion? Then we have good old “gun control” and “background checks” and firearm “owner lists.” All this is “who's got firearms and where are they?” so the citizens can easily be disarmed. As the founders of this great country believed, “An armed man is a free man and an unarmed man is a slave.” This president is like a petulant kid. When he didn't get his way in the sequester business, what does he do? Shuts down things that will make life more difficult for the citizens. Obviously he doesn't give a tinkers dam for the citizens of the country. This president operates outside the Constitution and bypasses Congress and does as he pleases. If the dimwits in Congress don't exert their authority and reign in or get rid of this man, there will be no election in 2016. Dick Ford Sebring