Letters to the editor

Budget sequester The recent budget sequester brought out a continuous raucous squall from the politicians who want into your pockets — all this brought on by a 2 percent cut. Tales of disaster abounded because these politicos couldn’t stand the idea of not having the extra 2 percent of your money to spend on snail studies or White House calligraphers. The best one came from Florida’s own member of Congress, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. According to a Washington Times story, she claimed her aides were being priced out of a good meal because of the sequester. Congressperson Schultz said the taxpayer-funded cafeterias at the Capitol were increasing prices and this was keeping staffers from eating. According to the same story, these staffers make between $60,000 and $100,000 per year. I know most people reading this will wonder how these poor people can live on that? I think that as concerned citizens we should help them deal with this draconian 2 percent cut by sending them a can of beans or something. I would certainly encourage all taxpayers to call her office to determine what sort of food donation would help out her poor starving staffers.
Perhaps the U.N. can provide food relief to the Capitol. Something has to be done because I can still hear the crying. Oh Lord, they went and raised the cafeteria prices to reduce the deficit, we’re done for. It is keeping me up at night. Will we as a country survive this? Dana B. Orr Avon Park