Letters to the editor

Property rights To the Highlands County Commission on March 26 concerning the property rights of its citizens, business and corporate property owners. I think you only have two questions to answer here really. The first question is: Who do you represent as a commissioner first? The individual citizens of Highlands County, or the commercial or corporate endeavors of Highlands County? I personally look at the Skipper business and the mud bog business as the same. And the second question: Whose constitutional property rights, both federal and state, are you going to defend first? Because both have equal property rights, in my opinion, due to recent Supreme Court decisions. Will you stand for the individualís property rights above others first, then commercial property rights and corporate property rights thirdly, or will it be the other way around? Because your decision in this is going to determine the future of Highlands County and its future land use, I guarantee it. I, personally, as a citizen of Highlands County, demand you put the individualís property rights above all others as we, the peopleís Constitution states.
Gingerlee Mitchelllindo Sebring Feral cats I am so aghast by the article from Froma Harrop on not feeding feral cats that I feel I must respond. As most of these animals, according to her article, have come from Europe and are not native to this area, it appears she feels they should be returned. I think maybe if she gave it some thought she would realize we have all come from Europe or elsewhere over time. The only species who seem to be overpopulating the Earth are the human species, so maybe we should either starve or destroy all of them, too. When we lose our compassion for animals and also our fellow human beings, what have we become? Shame on you for this senseless take on a problem that could easily be remedied by responsible pet owners. Margaret Nolen Sebring