Letters to the editor

Munitions zoning The Avon Park City Council is at it again. Itís been a while. Things seemed to be running smoothly and peacefully until a new councilman arrived on the scene. The problem, in this case, is he owns a munitions factory right off Main Street with potential electrical problems. Somehow, logic tells me that locating an ammunitions factory in a crowded downtown area just isnít a good idea. I would think some sort of a special use zoning exemption would have been required to locate this facility here for this type of use. The county building official has no choice but to look into the zoning, permitting, construction and operation of the ammunitions factory regardless of the political environment. Building officials are independent and great effort is made through state and local regulations to keep them independent from political or other influences that would impede their concerns for public safety. I think this now is a public safety issue Ė not a political one Ė and the city manager is obligated to follow up on it whether or not it upsets one of his bosses. It would be an ethics problem if he didnít. When people hear that if the factory were to blow up it would take out three city blocks, itís time to find out whatís going on. I really donít think I would want to have a business located next door, especially if it provides services to the public. I love the breakfasts at the Depot.
Feral cats I consider syndicated columnist Froma Harrop a mean nutcase wanting to have all feral cats destroyed. I have grown up with dogs since I was born. I thought of cats only as mouse catchers. One day, a cat started sitting outside my lanai window. I would go out and chase it away. It kept coming back. We named her Lucy. One day at a restaurant we had some food left over and my wife said letís take it home to Lucy, she must have been someoneís pet as she loved to be petted. She was gone for several weeks and came back with five of the cutest kittens. While I was deciding which one to keep, I fell in love with them all. I had all of them neutered, de-wormed, vaccinated and left ear clipped, costing me several hundred dollars. She took the kittens one at a time into the woods behind my house and left them there for a week at a time, training them. We now feed 15 loving cats. I feed them in the morning. My neighbor that lives behind me feeds them in the afternoon. We have found very good homes for several of them. People have brought food for them, some have insisted we accept money, almost all of these had good loving homes and for some reason they had to leave them. They knew they would be taken care of. If someone would have said that I would spend thousands of dollars on cats years ago I would have said they were nuts. When I sit down they line up to have their ears scratched. When I say next, they move and let the next one have its turn. None are allowed in the house I have built comfortable, waterproof shelters for them. Anyone is welcome to come and see how good they have it over here in Kitty Land at 3848 Rodeo Drive in Sebring Country Club.