Letters to the editor

Swamp Hammock I went to the Highlands County Board of Commissioners meeting with high hope and confidence for an acceptable Swamp Hammock solution. I was disappointed. In previous sessions, I was assured the comprehensive ordinance/resolution prepared contained the necessary elements to ensure compliance/enforcement of them by all parties involved with managing it. As the meeting passed the four-hour mark, it became clear to me that compliance/enforcement were promised, but not guaranteed. The insurance issue was murky, as was the indemnity promised the surrounding residents in the agreement.
The Bara Swamp Hammock organization is bankrupt. It’s had three to four failed ventures, a mounting debt and questionable required insurance when I left. I fear for not only those in south Highlands County; I fear for all taxpayers here. The eventual cost will fall on us all. Gabriel Read Avon Park I would like to suggest some of our drivers on Highway 27 consider to “go around” when they find themselves in the far right lane or center lane and they are on top of the left turn they want to make. Please don’t cut across traffic turning left, just continue on down the road, ease into the left lane and turn around and come back to you desired turn. It will take you just a minute or two more and not endanger yourself or anyone else. One last request — please take the cellphone out of your ear and concentrate on your driving. John Rousch Sebring