Letters to the editor

Hillary Clinton Well, well. The people are getting worked up over Hillary. Why? Have you forgotten the four Americans murdered in Benghazi and her lack of action that caused it? Then when called to explain it, she got sick, then she fell ill, oh yes – then she was found to have a concussion. When all that baloney passed she shows up with a notebook full of canned answers and an advisor sitting behind her to answer things that came up and were not covered in her notebook. But whatever. She never answered about the lack of response – all the attempts to cover it up – and she says, “What does it matter?” Well, America, it’s time to wake up to the Democratic Party, their lies, cover-ups and their president who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Now she comes back into the public, she must think we forgot all her lies, but I, for one, did not. John Russo Lake Placid Bronzed letter Mr. Ed Roberts’s letter of April 8 needs to be bronzed then sent to the White House and Congress.
How genius of Mr. Park to be able to express our most important concerts into a simple format which even the uninformed can understand. If only this letter could have been used by the mainstream media before the election, it may not have changed minds, but surely would have given cause for thought. How can you read this and not give it a great deal of thought? Had my conservative mind not already been made-up at the time, this letter would have changed it. So thank you, Mr. Roberts, for taking an informed stand. Carolyn Ford Lake Placid American dollars The president and vice president, the speaker of the House and many public officials misuse the tax system by taking worldwide tours taking family members and large groups of friends. The security for these groups is extra large. The cost to the taxpayer runs into the billions of dollars. Now here is the rest of the story. Every nation on earth receives part of your tax dollar. The American tax system pays billions to farm subsidies and pays for the millions of illegals’ health care, schooling, drug care and for the prison system that many of them end up in. Our prisons are busting at the seams. The millions of illegals have destroyed the housing industry by putting millions of Americans out of work. They could no longer pay their mortgages and lost their homes and ability to care for their families. The sellout of America’s health care to insurance companies and drug companies caused by Obamacare and the promoting of cutting Social Security and Medicare is criminal. Most of this present administration’s executive branch and the gang of eight should all be impeached and going forward, the U.S. Marines should take control of both our northern and southern borders, including our points of entry into the United States. There should be no tax dollars going to the United Nations. The United States should withdraw from that organization for their act in trying to rewrite our Constitution. Billie E. Jewett Sebring Coming for our cars Recent letters to the Highlands Today from gun rights “advocates” have vehemently opposed any type of further gun safety efforts on Capitol Hill. One Second Amendment absolutist stated that “registration always leads to confiscation.” Now I understand why I recently paid $93.50 for my annual auto registration fee. The government will first take my money to register my car, then come back later for the keys. My fellow Americans, we cannot allow this to happen. I am forming the National Vehicle Association to oppose this insidious plot to deny me my constitutional rights as a driver. To gain membership from freedom-loving auto “advocates,” I will use catchy phrases like “Cars don’t kill people. DUI, texting and speeding drivers do.” Who’s with me? Ed Engler Sebring